Amber Heard’s Witness Laid Spoilers for Aquaman 2

Photo: Newz AI

Amber Heard’s expert witness in Johnny Depp’s million-dollar defamation trial against Heard, has dropped some spoilers from the script for Aquaman 2.

Though the former spouses are in court due to Depp’s $50 million defamation lawsuit for a Washington Post op-ed that Heard wrote about her experiences as an abuse survivor, the Aquaman star has sued Depp back for $100 million, alleging Depp and his legal team of defaming her by claiming her accusations untrue. 

Kathryn Arnold, an entertainment consultant, laid out her testimony in court on Monday to indicate the harm Heard’s team alleges Adam Waldman, Depp’s attorney, caused to Heard’s career when he accused the actress of scheming an “abuse hoax” against Depp in an interview with the Daily Mail in 2020. 

Part of the damages caused to Heard’s career is her almost losing her role in Aquaman 2, said the defense. Even though she has kept the part, Heard testified earlier that she wound up appearing in a “very pared-down version” of the original story expected for her character, Mera. 

In her testimony, the 36-year-old Aquaman star tried her best not to give away any spoilers for the sequel, saying they “basically took a bunch out of my role,” counting an action scene. 

Arnold, however, tackled deeper details when recounting what Heard had said to her about the shifts to an early version of the script. 

“I believe that in the first act of the movie, she was injured somehow, or it had something to do with a baby,” Arnold hinted in her testimony. 

Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Queen Mera tied the knot in the comics and conceived a son, Arthur Curry, Jr. (nicknamed Aquababy). However, Aquaman and Mera have not yet been married on the big screen.

Stressing that she has not read any copy of the script and is only depending on what Heard had said to her, Arnold explained that Mera “ends up in the hospital early in this new Aquaman 2 movie and doesn’t really come out until the end to kind of wrap things up.” 

She further stated, “All interactions with Momoa’s character, and certainly the action scenes, were taken out.” 

Arnold continued to say that Heard “trained 5 hours a day for several months with the trainer to do this big action sequence” and wasn’t aware that her part was reduced until she went to the set. “So [her role] was radically reduced from what it was in the script and what she even trained for while she was preparing for the movie.”

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