ASTR Institute Helps People Overcome Chronic Pain at Home

Most people live their lives relatively pain-free. They may sometimes feel sore after a workout or feel pain related to strain or injury, but once they have recovered, the pain disappears. But that is not the case for people who live with chronic pain. For them, pain is a constant companion in their daily activities. Chronic pain can make simple activities feel challenging, and no one knows this better than Dr. Joseph Jacobs. A cancer survivor, Dr. Jacobs used to suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. His personal experience with pain led him to develop a new technique, the Advanced Soft Tissue Release or ASTR, to help alleviate pain. At the ASTR Institute, people who suffer from chronic pain can find tools and programs that can help them treat pain right at its source. 

ASTR (Biopsychosocial model) is a new treatment approach developed by Dr. Joseph Jacobs, Doctor of Physical Therapy. ASTR addresses proper nutrition, scar tissue, fascia restrictions, posture, inflammation, ergonomics, body mechanics, exercise, and lifestyle changes. This treatment program is the first of its kind, empowering patients to treat themselves in the comfort of their homes with the help of patented tools.

When patients suffer from chronic pain conditions, they usually have to work with several healthcare providers to get the treatment they need. Having a large medical team can be costly, and it can sometimes lead to miscommunication at the expense of the patient. With ASTR, patients learn the techniques they can use to alleviate the pain they feel. These techniques place the patient in control of their pain management, supplementing their other medical treatments.

The ASTR Institute creates a step-by-step online program for patients. They also create convenient tool kits, so patients have what they need to address their pain concerns. The institute can also create programs and tool kits for healthcare providers who want to provide their patients with long-term pain relief. 

The ASTR has created programs that are backed by sound scientific research, supported by over 40 scientific studies. Dr. Joseph Jacobs has spent the past ten years studying, researching, developing, and patenting new techniques and tools for chronic pain sufferers. “My goal is to help patients who have tried everything but still have not the relief they seek,” he said.

Dr. Joseph Jacobs’ goal with the ASTR Institute started as a personal journey to find relief for the pain he felt. As a child, he was diagnosed with cancer and was diagnosed again during his final year in the PT program. Because of his cancer diagnosis, Dr. Jacobs suffered from chronic migraines, headaches, fatigue, and pain. In addition, his wife was also suffering from jaw pain due to work-related stress. Using his educational background, Dr. Jacobs tried everything he learned to try and alleviate the pain he and his wife experienced. He also consulted with specialists and engaged in continuing education classes in an effort to find a solution. 

When his wife woke up one morning in severe pain with a locked jaw, Dr. Joseph Jacobs experimented with different maneuvers and techniques to try and help her. Finally, after a few minutes, she could open her mouth pain-free. “We were both shocked. I figured out that I did something right,” the doctor said, “And that motivated me to start researching and developing ASTR.”

ASTR is the result of years of research and the drive to help alleviate the pain that some people experience on a daily basis. Dr. Joseph Jacobs said, “With the tools I invented and the methods I developed, patients can overcome their disability and pain.”Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR) is a new treatment model developed by Dr. Joseph Jacobs to help patients address their chronic pain. For more information, you can visit the ASTR Institute website.

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