Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Actress Julia Fiona Roberts is an American actress and producer. Birthday: October 28, 1967 Birth Place: Gary,

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Actress Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is an American actress. Birthday: August 15, 1990 Birth Place: Indian Hills, Kentucky,

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks Actor Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is an American actor and filmmaker. Birthday: July 9, 1956 Birth Place: Concord,

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Actress Kristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress and filmmaker. Birthday: April 9, 1990 Birth Place: Los

Tom Hiddlestone

Tom Hiddlestone Actor Thomas William Hiddleston is an English actor.  Birthday: February 9, 1981 Birth Place: Westminster, London Age:

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Singer Elvis Aaron Presley also known simply as Elvis, was an American singer, musician and actor. Birthday: