Seth Holbrook

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Height: 6’0 Citizenship: USA Occupation: Model/Singer Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland Languages spoken:

Robert Cannon

Birthday: 05/22/1968 Nationality: American Hometown: Westchester, NY Height: 6’4 Occupation: CEO of Cannon Wealth Solutions Country

JaPrince Fulmore

Date of Birth: 07/30/84  Gender: Male Occupation: Entrepreneur, Actor, Musician,  and Motivational Speaker Country of Citizenship:

Chad Ehlers

Full name: Chad Vincent Ehlers (da_chad) AKA master creator Birthday: November 11, 1983 Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Tyrone Evans Clark

Birthday: January 21, 1986 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Nationality: African-American (multiracial) Hometown: Chicago, IL Height:  5’11” Relatives:

Evan Pietrzak

Birthday: August 19, 2000 Nationality: American, Italian, Polish, German Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Height: 6’3″ Citizenship: American

Mike Berro

Birthday: 03/19/1996 Nationality: Lebanese Hometown: Detroit Height: 6’2″ Citizenship: American Occupation: Founder, CEO Place of birth:

Brian Femminella

Birthday: 01/31/2000 Nationality: American Hometown: Long Island, NY Height: 6’2 Relatives: Glenn Femminella, Tracey Femminella Citizenship:

Timothy Vernon Long Jr.

Birthday: October 09, 1990 Nationality: African American Hometown: Pittsburg, California Height: 5’9” Relatives: Tim Long Sr.,