Authority Titans Making Getting Authority and Credibility for Individuals and Brands a Walk in the Park

In recent years, the online presence game has seen a massive shift in which people now ensure they are visible by all means possible. Whether as an entrepreneur, public figure, celebrity, individual brand, influencer, public speaker, career professional or skilled professional, social proof and trust are easily earned by having a solid online presence. Clients and customers want to have a sense of security before dealing with anyone, and a solid presence across some of the world’s most relevant publications does that for many of them. This is where Authority Titans steps in as many people and brands do not have access to these publications themselves. Authority Titans makes the recognition of a person or brand happen while highlighting their achievements and making sure they are truly visible to those that matter.

With an envelope done-for-you service, Authority Titans has established its authority in helping others establish and grow their digital footprints. The digital PR company has made the process easy for clients in three simple steps: consultation, a road map to success, and getting to work. By assigning publicists and having an in-house team of writers to create compelling articles for its clients, Authority Titans has earned rave reviews and cemented its spot as a game-changer in the public relations space.

Authority Titans provide access to popular publications like Forbes, Yahoo, Thrive Global, New York Weekly, New York Wire, Famous Times, CEO Weekly, Los Angeles Wire, Business Insider, Voyage New York, California Gazette, US Reporter, Music Observer, and many more. Founded by Dillon Kivo, an American entrepreneur, author, speaker, social media influence, PR expert, and public speaker, Authority Titans thrives on fast turnaround and effective online media placements. Under his leadership, Authority Titans has developed a wide range of services to cater to its potential clients’ needs and help them thrive online.

Beyond helping individuals and brands get published, Authority Titans also offers an accelerator program that gets members published in the news twice a month. In addition, it also offers a white-label service for other public relations companies. With its white-label service, other PR firms can partner with Authority Titans to help their clients get published across various publications monthly. This is also a 100% done-for-you service where the Authority Titans team does all the work and delivers results to its partners.

With public relations becoming gold for public figures and brands to achieve credibility, Authority Titans stands tall in offering a service that makes things happen and gives these entities what they need to thrive in their industries. Some of Authority Titans’ clients include actor and rapper Ice Cube, entrepreneur Brad Lea, football player Robert Griffith, public speaker and entrepreneur Casey Adams and many others.

Authority Titans’ services has packages tailored for everyone looking to get placed in the media for increased presence. Once the company has ascertained the clients’ services to be worthy of promotion, it gets to work to produce the exact results it promises.

Learn more about Authority Titans on its official website.

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