Boeing Workers to Start a Strike on the First Day of August

In response to a contract offered by Boeing to its employees, a union representing the workers announced that the employees rejected the offer and that the almost 2,500 workers are ready to strike starting August 1. 

“Boeing previously took away a pension from our members, and now the company is unwilling to adequately compensate our members’ 401(k) plan,” said the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union. 

Union employees disapprove of the unfair and inequitable offer, says the union. 

“We will not allow this company to put our members’ hard-earned retirements in jeopardy,” the union stated. 

Employees at the three plants in Illinois and Missouri constructed the F-15, F-18, T-7 trainer, and the MQ-25 unmanned refueler. 

On Sunday, Boeing stated that it “is disappointed with Sunday’s vote to reject a strong, highly competitive offer. We are activating our contingency plan to support continuity of operations in the event of a strike.” 

The employees were offered an extra $3,000 if they agreed to the three-year contract by Sunday instead of an earlier deal to make extra $1,000 yearly contributions to employees’ 401(k) plans. 

Boeing’s 401(k) offer included a company match of employees’ contributions up to 10% of employees’ salaries with an automatic contribution of 2% for 2023 and 2024. 

The expiration date for this deal is July 25, meaning today. 

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Boeing: Aerospace and Defense Company

As of 2022, Boeing’s corporate headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. However, there are reported plans to transfer to Arlington, Virginia. 

The defense company is divided into four primary departments: Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA), Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS), Boeing Global Services, and Boeing Capital. 

Boeing gained an estimated $76.6 billion in sales by 2019 and is ranked 54th on the Fortune 500 list (2020), and sits in the 121st spot on the Fortune Global 500 list (2020).

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