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Brian Femminella


Birthday: 01/31/2000

Nationality: American

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Height: 6’2

Relatives: Glenn Femminella, Tracey Femminella

Citizenship: American

Occupation: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at SoundMind

Place of birth: Manhasset, NY

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Religion: Christian


University of Southern California (2018-2022)- B.A Intelligence & Cyber Operations/ B.A. Political Science


SoundMind/ US Army


National Collegiate Research Scholar & Plenary Speaker Award (Granted by Harvard University) / 2x Recipient of the USC’s Provost Research Fellowship on his studies pertaining to PTSD, Thanatosonics, Neuroplasticity, and Virtual Reality/ USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Fund Recipient / United States Army Base Commander’s Award for Leadership & Excellence


Femminella was born on January 31st, 2000, and grew up in Long Island, NY. He was raised by both of his parents, who have supported him throughout his early career as a soldier and entrepreneur.

Brian is best known for his startup, SoundMind, in which he currently serves as the CEO. He has received international recognition for his research and entrepreneurship in the field of mental health.

In 2018, Femminella enrolled at the University of Southern California, where he is currently pursuing a double bachelor’s degree in cyber security and political science for the past three years. During his time at USC, Femminella worked part-time on the Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence Team at USC Institute for Creative Technologies. To date, Femminella is in the process of becoming a United States Army Officer, in which he joined the military back in 2017. Now, he is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at the SoundMind Corporation.


Member of the Volunteer Fire Department for 10 years, starting as a Junior Firefighter at the age of eight all the way up to a full volunteer on both the ambulance and engine companies. 


United States Army Reserves (2017-Present) / United States House of Representatives Office of the Majority Whip (2020) / USC Institute for Creative Technologies (Artificial Intelligence Team) (2020-Present) / Chief Executive Officer at SoundMind (2020-Present)

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