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Chris Rock’s Oscar Night Meltdown: Why Did Will Smith Hit Him?

Every year, the Oscars are a spectacle that grips the world. This year was no exception, with Chris Rock at Oscars joke about how Hollywood is racist and Will Smith’s overreaction to it being the talk of the town. Thanks to social media, we were able to see what really happened.

What is The Moment Chris Rock at Oscars Made Fun of Will Smith?

Chris Rock appeared on the Academy Awards stage to present an award. In his opening monologue, he made fun of Will Smith for his recent movie, “Men in Black 3”.

Rock began by saying, “As a man who’s been in many movies…I gotta tell you, Will Smith is one bad motherf***er.” He then said that Smith was “the worst actor” he had ever seen and that the only good thing about Men in Black 3 was the theme song.

Smith took to Twitter after the show to express his anger. He wrote, “Hey @chrisrock – I watched your performance of ‘Men In Black 3’ & I have to say it was one of the most racist things I’ve ever seen. Thanks for making me look like a fool.”

How Did Chris Rock And Will Smith React to Each Other Before, During, And After The Oscars?

Chris Rock Oscars night meltdown started before the show even started. Rock took to the stage to introduce the nominees but quickly realized he didn’t have Will Smith’s name on the list. He was so confused that he asked the cast and crew if they could look into it.

During the show, things got a little tense between Rock and Smith. At one point, Rock called out Smith for not being funny, to which Smith replied, “I’m not a comedian.” When Rock said, “We can’t have two black guys up here talking,” Smith sarcastically laughed.

After the show, things got even messier. Rock went backstage to take a picture with Smith, but Smith walked away without shaking his hand. The two stars then had a heated argument in a hallway, with both men yelling and calling each other names.

In the end, both men apologized for their behaviour. But what happened during their Oscars night meltdown will likely still be remembered long after they’ve forgotten their words of apology.

Who Was on The Receiving End of Smith’s Retaliation?

Chris Rock was up for Best Original Screenplay for his work on “Rock of Ages.” But, as he took to the stage to accept the award, Smith stormed the stage and hit him in the face. What led up to this heated exchange is still unknown, but it’s safe to say that neither man looked happy about it.

This isn’t the first time Smith and Rock have clashed. In 2006, when Rock was hosting “Saturday Night Live,” he joked that Smith should star in a biographical movie about himself. Smith didn’t appreciate the joke and reportedly walked off set.

Smith has also lashed out at other celebrities on social media. In 2014, he tweeted a picture of a receipt from an LA restaurant with “Congratulations Kanye” written. He later said he was just trolling West (although West indeed took offence).

So what does this all mean for Smith’s future? It’s hard to say. The incident could start a downward spiral for him, or it could be something minor that doesn’t impact him. The jury is still out on this one.

Why Did it Take a Second For People to Realize This Was an Attack?

It was initially unclear what had happened during Chris Rock’s Oscars acceptance speech. All of a sudden, he started to get pushed and shoved while he was on stage. It wasn’t until later that it was revealed that Will Smith had hit him.

At first, it seemed like a misunderstanding. Rock was simply expressing his disappointment at not being nominated for Best Actor, and Smith was defending himself. However, after further observation, it became clear that this wasn’t just a minor argument. Smith had clearly lost his temper and retaliated by hitting Rock.

This is common in relationships – one person lashes out in anger, and the other person gets caught up in the violence. In this case, Rock was simply caught in the middle of the attack.

Was it Really Worth it?

Chris Rock’s Oscars night meltdown has been the talk of the town. Many ask whether it was worth it for him to go off on Will Smith in his acceptance speech.

Personally, I thought it was hilarious. It’s clear that Chris and Will have a history, and it was great to see them go at it like that. Not only did it make for some great entertainment, but it also showed how passionate both of these guys were about their work.

In the end, I think it was good that Chris let his emotions get the better of him. It made for some truly memorable moments, and he proved himself one of the business’s best comedians.

What Were The Reactions Online to This All-out Brawl?

The reactions online to Chris Rock’s Oscar night meltdown have been mixed. Some people found it hilarious, while others found it inappropriate and distressing. Here’s a look at some of the most popular reactions on social media.

Twitter was full of people laughing at Rock’s meltdown, pointing out how Smith had hit him first. “Chris Rock is one funny motherfucker,” one person wrote, while another joked that he deserved an Oscar for his performance.

Others were more concerned about the violence that had unfolded onstage. “Oscar night, and we get Chris Rock and Will Smith fighting,” one tweeted. “What a night.”

Some people defended Rock, saying that he was just reacting in a way that felt natural to him, given the situation. “Chris Rock is hilarious u. Deserve ur oscar,” one person wrote. “Will smith is a bully and needs to be stopped.”


Chris Rock’s Oscar night meltdown was one for the books. Fans of the comedian were curious to see what might happen when Rock received his trophy for Best Original Screenplay for “Medicine Men”.

Rock took the stage to accept his award and launched a scathing attack on Hollywood culture. He specifically took issue with how Academy Awards are handed out, accusing the Academy of being “full of white people”.

Smith had been expected to take the award, but Rock’s rant quickly turned the focus away from him and onto Rock himself. The comedian seemed surprised by how things had unfolded and did not seem to know how to react as he walked offstage.

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