Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci Says She Desires to Redo the 1990s

Christina Ricci is fine that people think her acting skills are scary, kooky or, to put it mildly, ooky. However, she still wants a 1990s iteration.

Ricci, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, confessed that given the chance she would like to do some things differently in the 1990s, although she gained traction through projects like The Addams Family and Casper

“This is very dark, but I would just like to go back to that age, and do it over again and not make so many f—ing mistakes,” she stated. 

“Honestly, I regret so much. I’d like to go back to 1996 and be like, ‘All right… we had a practice run. I went OK, but it wasn’t really as great as we wanted it to be. We’re going to do this again.’ People who are like, ‘I have no regrets.’ What f—ing magic life did you live?” 

Furthermore, Ricci said she doesn’t tend to be nostalgic, as she endured a very specific type of punishment as a child.

“I throw everything out,” she stated. 

“I had a specific thing when I was a child, that we would be punished by the things that we loved being destroyed. My husband, who is a much healthier individual, has gone back and found all my old magazine covers on Etsy because he thinks it’s horrible that I never saved them. As a child, I learned that this is going to be taken from me, so why save it anyway?” 

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Ricci and Her Co-Actors Share the Same Thinking

Ricci’s Yellowjackets co-actor Melanie Lynskey, who was also practically raised on screen in the ‘90s, stated that she is the opposite and keeps everything. 

“I saved everything because I’m basically an emotional hoarder,” she joked. 

However, the idea of having regrets from that time was shared by all Yellowjackets cast members. Another prominent child star from the ‘90s, Juliette Lewis, shared the same sentiment. 

“The thing that could’ve put my dad in an early grave, I f—ing regret it. Yes. I was very scared as a young teenage person,” said Lewis, who went through drug use and addiction during her young years as an actress. 

But a sigh of relief is due for them, famous or not, as Lynskey said, “I think people without regrets are narcissists. I think they’re lying to themselves.” 

Ricci added: “Denial is the only way to get up that river.” 

Perhaps Ricci will get a chance of do-over when she comes back to the universe of The Addams Family as a new character in the forthcoming Wednesday series, to be released on Netflix.

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