Designer Rejina Pyo Has Revolutionized the “Tiny Clothes” to “Comfortable After Dinner” Outfits at London Fashion Week

Photo: RIA

To all fashionistas who like baggy outfits: Eyes here! It looks like comfortability has been taken up a notch.

In a preview before her show, London fashion week designer Rejina Pyo said the lifestyle shifts brought about by the pandemic “have made people more open-minded about body shape.” 

When you’re at home wearing comfortable clothes, it “has shown us that clothes don’t have to restrict our bodies to make us feel special,” said Pyo. “Some designers love to make clothes really tiny, but I have always designed clothes with a bit of room. Food is really important to me, so like to make clothes that are comfortable when your belly is full of dinner!” 

Pyo has collaborated with her chef husband in writing a cookbook. She served snacks and cocktails at her show in Knightsbridge hotel at Aubrey restaurant. She said, “It’s a really fancy place.” 

“I wanted to create that mood of excitement that you get at the beginning of the evening when you go out to eat with your friends and family. I love the moment when you arrive and see your friends, and you can read their mood from what they are wearing,” she added. 

She brought together models that are not usually represented in the catwalk stage. Among the show’s models were an actor, a costume designer, a photographer, and a new mother. 

“Because our clothes are sized generously, we aren’t restricted to only using really skinny models,” she continued. “And I didn’t want that typical stompy model walk. I said to the women, imagine you’re in a restaurant, and you’ve stood up to go to the loo and spotted someone who looks interesting at another table—that’s how to walk across a room.” 

The collection spans from denim and tweed suits to an acid green ruffled gown and a slinky column dress, taking inspiration from the 1920s fashion in America. Pyo fixed some items from excess jeans made for a former collection.

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