James Paul Baratta: From Lawyer to Esports Entrepreneur

James Paul Baratta had an established career as an attorney before deciding to become a full-time esports entrepreneur. While he loved being a lawyer for seven years, he found it more fulfilling to pursue his career shift as he has always been a gamer even before he went to law school. As soon as he hopped into the esports business, he immediately made a name for himself after achieving significant feats that include in-game live events, Series A raises, charitable streams, and developing his very own non profit collegiate league, to mention a few. 

As an esports consultant and entrepreneur, James Paul Baratta has been successfully consulting for numerous companies that include esports organizations, news agencies, software developers, tournament producers, and tournament broadcasters. His insights related to the esports industry is of great value to these organizations who wish to capitalize on the industry’s profitability and long-term potential. 

Back in 2017, James Paul Baratta started consulting for a high profile entertainment law firm based in Beverly Hills, the Grandson des Rochers. James’ older sister, Jamie Slade, is a partner in the law firm. James’ role includes being the firm’s esports and video game business liaison. While handling this position, he successfully closed esports deals with high profile clients that include Chief Keef’s Glo Navy and YBN Nahmir. 

Today, James has a very impressive esports network and a consultancy firm that has gained a lot of following and the trust of its many clients. James currently sits as VP for XR Sports, a tournament solutions platform with premium delivery services for Team Envy. Additionally, he also sits on the board of the non profit league called North American Collegiate League (NACL), which is co-founded by FaZe Clan investor Dave Chen. Moreover, James Paul Baratta also does consulting for two of the biggest esports organizations and news outlets in the world: XSET, with his mentor Clinton Sparks, and Esportz Network. James finds great fulfilment in being able to build his network and help companies understand the trends in the esports industry at the same time. Not only is esports confined to a particular region, it is a global phenomenon that is uniting both young people and adults from different parts of the world.

In the next couple of years, James Paul Baratta hopes for nothing more but for his consultancy firm, FT Empire, to continue to give insightful advice to interested esports organizations and other related businesses. As the industry continues to expand in leaps and bounds, James hopes to be at the forefront of innovative approaches in promoting new products and events. His dedication to contribute in growing the industry sustainably will ensure that future generations get to experience the best aspects of the gaming industry.

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