JaPrince Fulmore


Date of Birth: 07/30/84 

Gender: Male

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Actor, Musician,  and Motivational Speaker

Country of Citizenship: USA

Place of Birth: NY

Languages spoken, written, or signed: English

Major achievements: Rising above all obstacles

Recognition / Best known for: The JaPrince Show


JaPrince was born and raised in upstate New York. He was raised in a family of musicians and entrepreneurs. JaPrince began playing drums with his mother’s gospel group the “Wings of Faith” at the young age of ten. Despite being a sickly child, plagued by asthma, over time, Japrince began to showcase his superb talents as a singer, musician, and songwriter. 

He has also excelled in the art of acting as a child, being featured in a number of commercials and TV shows. JaPrince continued his love of acting into his adulthood, having been in several local plays throughout the region. Throughout his young life, Japrince has faced many obstacles that most couldn’t recover from; the worst being the loss of his mother at the age of 18. In spite of these trials, Japrince pushed forward with the lessons, knowledge, faith, and love instilled within by his mother. 


In 2011, JaPrince received his associates degree in Theology from the United Christian Ministry Institute. He also became Chief Operating Officer and the Sr. Recording Engineer for Lab Studios that is owned by his company V & J Records, Publishing and Production Inc. In 2019, JaPrince continued his mother’s legacy by reviving the cleaning company she had passed down to him, and turned it into a great success. He continued his entrepreneurship in 2020 by relaunching his hit talk show, The Japrince Show.



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