Jared Leto’s Daring Ascent Marks the Launch of Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Monumental Seasons 2024 World Tour

Jared Leto
Image commercially licensed from: DepositPhotos

Jared Leto With A Sky-High Announcement

In an awe-inspiring moment at the Empire State Building, Oscar-winning actor and frontman Jared Leto reveals the grandeur of Thirty Seconds To Mars’ upcoming Seasons 2024 World Tour. This announcement, against the backdrop of the iconic skyline, sets the stage for a musical journey that transcends borders, inviting fans and enthusiasts to join them on an extraordinary adventure.

Conquering New Heights

Witnessing a historic feat, Leto accomplishes the first-ever climb of the towering Empire State Building. This daring venture not only captures the attention of the world but also symbolizes Leto’s unwavering determination and the band’s collective belief in achieving the extraordinary. The ascent becomes a metaphorical climb for the band, signifying their ascent to new heights in the music industry. Leto’s connection with the Empire State Building, rooted in childhood fascination, brings a personal touch to the achievement, infusing it with genuine passion and a sense of accomplishment.

Unveiling the Global Journey

Details of the tour unfold, spanning Latin America, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand, marking the band’s first headline tour in over five years. Leto’s climb becomes a symbol of the tour’s spirit—anything is possible with determination. The journey commences in Latin America, gracing festivals like Lollapalooza Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, along with Estéreo Picnic in Colombia and Tecate Pa’l Norte Festival in Mexico. Europe then becomes the stage for 28 shows, weaving through the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The show then travels to North America, where Mars will be joined by AFI, with support from Poppy and KennyHoopla, across 24 shows in major arenas and amphitheaters. Finally, the tour concludes in Australia and New Zealand, with four spectacular arena shows, leaving an indelible mark on each continent.

Amidst the global tour excitement, Leto’s profound statement reflects on the Empire State Building as a testament to human achievement. He notes, “The building is a testament of all the things that can be done in the world if we put our minds to it, which is largely the inspiration behind our most recent album, It’s The End Of The World But It’s A Beautiful Day.” As an avid climber, the Empire State Building and the tour announcement carry the sentiment that anything is possible if we try. Leto’s personal connection to the landmark adds depth to the band’s message, intertwining the physical and metaphorical ascent.

The Empire State Building, recently rated the #1 attraction in the U.S. by Tripadvisor for the second consecutive year, adds another layer of significance. This accolade comes after a recent $165 million renovation of its legendary iconic Observatory, symbolizing the enduring relevance and timeless allure of this architectural marvel.

In the realm of the music industry, the tour’s strategic planning is evident. From festival performances in Latin America to a comprehensive European tour and a carefully curated North American leg, the band strategically covers key markets. Joining forces with AFI, and featuring support from Poppy and KennyHoopla, underscores the collaborative and diverse nature of the musical journey.

In conclusion, Jared Leto’s daring climb and the subsequent announcement of Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Seasons 2024 World Tour not only mark a significant moment in the band’s history but also serve as an inspiration for fans worldwide. The fusion of personal passion, architectural significance, and strategic musical planning creates a narrative that goes beyond a simple tour announcement—it’s a testament to the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to dream.