Josh Thomas Liljenquist Spreads Laughter Throughout Social Media Despite Naysayers

Social media has integrated itself into the lives of billions of people. Tens of thousands of platforms have connected people from different parts of the world. Influencers have taken center stage in these platforms. They have expressed their advocacies, shared entertaining and knowledgeable content, and inspired millions. And Josh Thomas Liljenquist is one of those who have succeeded in this career despite the people that have doubted the direction he is heading.

Born in Fairmont, Minnesota, Josh has faced a giant challenge in this small town. Because of his path to becoming a social media influencer, people have expressed their unsolicited and discouraging opinions to the 22-year-old entrepreneur.  Josh Liljenquist said that the fact that no one from the countryside made it big in social media triggered people to pull him down and call him names. 

With a big dream that Josh envisions, he completely flipped the script against his cynics. Josh claimed that the hurtful words people threw toward him became the bricks that he used to build his own castle. The criticisms only propelled him to where he is at now. 

Josh Liljenquist currently has 1.9 million followers on TikTok. Additionally, his Instagram has a following of 42,000, and he has 15, 000 subscriptions on his Youtube page. It does not just stop there as he has also published 3 books on Amazon. Reaching the top trending new release, Instagram Masterguide: Extreme Growth could be regarded as his most acclaimed book.

Josh is still being challenged by more obstacles. Majoring in communication at Minnesota State University in Mankato, the social media influencer sacrificed the typical college experience to pursue and enrich his skills for his content. Josh Liljenquist voiced out the difficulty of balancing his roles as an influencer, student, and entrepreneur.  “During college, I go to bed at 8 p.m., wake up at 3:15 a.m., and make videos and do research on my company that I am starting. The reason I get up so early is because my roommates are loud at night and I get distracted and it takes time away from research,” he declared. 

Although he has been called every name in the book, his dedication to make people laugh and smile outweighs all the negativity he has been through. His passion to build his own brand is the factor that keeps him going. Additionally, he has always wanted to encourage people to evolve themselves and become their best selves, and he wanted to be someone people around them would emulate. Josh pointed out that the only limitation one’s dream would have is what the mind tells.

Although he is still in college and still working on the company he has dreamed of, it seems that Josh Liljenquist has already planned out what could happen in the next few years. Josh is determined to continue making inspiring and entertaining videos. Additionally, he wants to guide and motivate people to pursue the things that will make them happy. As for the company he is working on right now, Josh wishes to scale up the project during its run. 

To learn more about Josh Liljenquist, visit his website here.

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