JoshDeanSavage on His Journey to the Forefront of the Music Industry

Palpable improvement can be noted in terms of the public’s perception of chasing a career in music. Before, aspiring musicians have to deal with being on the receiving end of censures against the profession, with people unaware that music serves not only to entertain but also to comfort and make sense of the world. In the case of Joshua West, better known as JoshDeanSavage, listening to songs saved him, changed the way he perceived life, and fueled his drive to transform into a better version of himself. Today, he is making moves to establish his name in the music industry, inspiring others in the process. 

Hailing from a small town called Grand Junction in Colorado, JoshDeanSavage, the artist behind the hit single Veto, bears a story that highlights the importance of having support while people pursue their dreams. For the most part, it was the encouragement of strangers and the faith of his family and friends in his potential that pushed him to go all out on shaking the music industry with his music. 

At the age of thirteen, this hip-hop and rap artist began traveling all over the country, moving to New York five years ago together with his best friend, Sierra Garcia. Before venturing into the music scene, JoshDeanSavage was making a mark as a photographer. He then began writing music four years ago after being highly inspired by artists like Drake, 21 Savage, Post Malone, Juice Wrld, Lil Uzi Vert, Snow Tha Product, Trippie Redd, XXXTENTACION, and more.

Although the road has not been smooth for JoshDeanSavage, he managed to overcome the hurdles in his way, carving his own path toward success in the music scene. Now in Denver, Colorado, he has been pouring his time and resources into making and recording songs at Side3Studios. It is the space where numerous records have been birthed, including songs from 21 Savage, Post Malone, Trippie Redd, LilTjay, Travis barker, and Ed Sheeran, to name a few.  JoshDeanSavage’s producer, Ryan Alan, has worked with artists such as Bhab Bhabie, Diplo, Tay Keith, Charlie XCX, Clean Bandit and THEY.

With the cutthroat and saturated nature of the music industry, it could be difficult for any artist to stand out. But, throughout his career, JoshDeanSavage has held the upper hand over some of his peers because of his ability to relate to listeners from all over the globe. Coming from a household that left a lot to be desired, this rising star is privy to how people can easily hit rock bottom. But, in the face of all the challenges, he survived and thrived, proving a testament to a person’s capacity to achieve what they want as long as they put their faith in it. 

In the coming years, JoshDeanSavage plans to elevate himself to greater heights, earning the love of countless more listeners and cementing his position in the music industry. Furthermore, he looks forward to calling Los Angeles his new home where he could develop and grow his brand and be at the service of his community.

Above anything else, this emerging household name aims to shed light on the issues of mental health and the role of music in the lives of those who are struggling. “I would like to see myself inspiring others to seek help with their mental health issues, providing them with a free space where they could connect as humans and be themselves without judgment,” JoshDeanSavage elaborates, and he is ready to go the extra mile to turn that vision into a reality. 

Learn more about JoshDeanSavage by visiting his Instagram page. Listeners can also listen to his most famous song here

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