Lisa Von Tang Redefines Chinese Style with Sustainable Creation

Photo: Vogue

Lisa Von Tang, a Canadian-born Chinese designer based in Singapore, has established her brand as rapidly growing, and now she plans on taking it to North America.

Von Tang’s fall collection was a daring and elegant mix of dressy separates, knitwear and formal nightgowns. During New York Fashion Week, the Veronika restaurant played host to these stylish designs. 

The designs for these pieces were inspired by a mythological Chinese bird described as the phoenix called Fenghuang. “She falls to ashes, but she rebirths,” said Von Tang.

As a result of their detailed decoration with phoenix designs embroidered onto evening jackets and shaped into crystals like Swarovski stones, for instance, in jumpsuits, Von Tang didn’t back down when it came to putting decorative details into his collection: There was even something daring about the crotch area where you could see a flames design. 

Von Tang’s pared-back pieces steal the show. She created several figure-hugging knitwear items from recycled materials such as nylon, yak fiber and alpaca, all handcrafted in a factory powered by solar energy. 

One piece was a cream-colored knit gown with asymmetrical details, including long sleeves on the right and a crystal shoulder strap on the left. She also tried to break down traditional Cheongsam into different pieces for this evening, like an appealing magenta silk two-piece suit. 

“I wanted to use more stretch materials and make it a little more casual,” said Von Tang about her experimentation. 

The designer tried out the sexy, Y2K mood that appears to be recently dominating the fashion world. “I want to do it in a way that doesn’t feel like Chinese New year – a little more contemporary and modern,” she said.

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