LVMH Prize List of Semifinalists

Photo: LVMH

The LVMH Prize is an international competition that searches the world for future fashion designers. They’re looking to boost business with some of those awarded before by giving them more exposure and support. 

“Over 1,900 candidates from all over the world applied” this year, announced Louis Vuitton executive vice president and Prize director Delphine Arnault. 

“This success demonstrates the importance of the LVMH Prize internationally: many young designers have realized just how decisive this Prize is for their careers, as it helps to showcase and nurture the talents of tomorrow,” says Arnault. 

This year’s shortlist extends across many borders from Europe to Africa, Asia and beyond, with 20 semifinalists from Ghent in Belgium or Lagos in Nigeria. With the global fashion industry in an exciting development phase, Arnault hopes that 2021 will be remembered as a signpost for what’s to come.

Last year, Nensi Dojaka brought home the grand prize, while KidSuper, Lukhanyo Mdingi, and Rui the Karl Lagerfeld won the special prize. 

“The class of 2021 has shown great ability in approaching the new world: they all have e-commerce sites, are present on social media and embrace a way of creating and producing that takes into account the challenges of our industry,” she continued. 

“The class of 2021 was also a beautiful symbol of diversity: Nensi was born and raised in Albania, Lukhanyo is South African, Rui comes from Hunan in China … Young designers don’t necessarily express themselves in one of the world’s fashion capitals such as Paris, London, New York or Milan.” 

An in-person showroom will occur in Paris on March 4 and 5, with the virtual showroom and online voting continuing. “I am very excited that the experts” – referring to actress and LV ambassador Léa Seydoux and new expert Cindy Sherman – “who can attend will meet the semifinalists in person and see their work,” Arnault further states. 

“[And] we all hope that the 2022 Final will be held physically. It is very important for the semifinalists to meet the Experts, and they all confirm how inspiring these encounters are for their work.” 

The list of semifinalists for LVMH Prize is as follows:

Airei, a menswear brand designed by Drew Curry in Los Angeles, California, USA

Amesh, genderless brand designed by Amesh Wijesekera in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ashlyn, a womenswear brand designed by Ashlynn Park in New York, New York, USA

Bluemarble, a menswear brand designed by Anthony Alvarez Graff in Paris, France

Chenpeng, a genderless brand designed by Peng Chen in Shanghai, China

ERL, menswear, womenswear, and genderless brand desigend by Eli Russell Linnetz in Venice Beach, California, USA

Goomheo, a menswear and genderless brand designed by Goom Heo in London, UK

KNWLS, a womenswear brand designed by Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault in London, UK

Maximilian, a womenswear brand designed by Maximilian Davis in London, UK

Meryll Rogge, womenswear brand designed by Meryll Rogge in Ghent, Belgium

Niccolò Pasqualetti, genderless brand designed by Niccolò Pasqualetti in Tuscany, Italy

Palomo Spain, genderless brand designed by Alejandro Gomez Palomo in Córdoba, Spain

Paula Canovas del Vas, womenswear brand designed by Paula Canovas del Vas in London, UK

Róisín Pierce, womenswear brand designed by Róisín Pierce in Dublin, Ireland

Ryunosukeokazaki, a genderless brand designed by Ryunosuke Okazaki in Tokyo, Japan

S.S. Daley, a menswear brand designed by Steven Stokey-Daley in London, UK

Tokyo James, a menswear brand designed by Iniye Tokyo James in Lagos, Nigeria

Weinsanto, a womenswear brand designed by Victor Brunstein Weinsanto in Paris, France

Winnie NY, a menswear brand designed by Idris Balogun in New York, New York, USA

Yueqi Qi, a genderless brand designed by Yueqi Qi in Shanghai, China

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