Maine Representatives Lament Over China Lobster Deal

Photo: Jeremy Bezanger

According to congressional representatives from Maine, China has not fulfilled its end of the bargain to purchase more Maine lobster under a deal that eased the trade war under then-president Donald Trump. 

In 2018, the lobster trading at Maine was jeopardized by retaliatory Chinese tariffs; however, it did not experience considerable export revenues following China’s adherence to purchasing $200 billion worth of US goods, the leaders argued. 

China was expected to amplify its purchases over the 2017 levels under the “Phase One Agreement.” 

However, China has purchased “almost no lobster above 2017 levels,” says a letter sent by Senator Angus King on Thursday. King is an independent who convenes with Democrats like Pingree and Golden, both Democratic representatives. 

They encouraged Katherine Tai, the trade representative of the US, to “hold China accountable for its purchase commitments.” 

A Maine Republican senator, Susan Collins, has also dispatched a letter speaking about the similar issues and encouraging “swift and appropriate action.” 

According to industry officials, live lobster sales from Maine to China plummeted following the lobster tariff was implemented in July 2018 and China changed its lobster purchases to Canadian dealers. 

The dispute about the lobster deal came after the US trade representative alleged that Beijing did not fulfill its market-opening promises when it joined the World Trade Organization. China, on the other hand, has denied allegations.

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