Massiahg: The Underground Rap Artist Empowering Others Through Music

Using his talent in music to empower others and bring light toward political and social issues, Massiahg is taking the industry by storm with his powerful words coupled with catchy tunes that lead to countless replays. Today, his song “Phuckyou” has been streamed more than 200,000 times across different music platforms. The track is becoming a strong anthem against political and social injustices across the country. Yet the artist behind the song is only at the beginning of his musical journey.

Graydon Massiah, professionally known as Massiahg, is a talented American rap artist and songwriter hailing from Queens, New York. He is the founder of the brand SPOOF 555, and he is best known for his recently released hit song “Phuckyou,” produced by collaborator LUK, which has amassed more than 200,000 streams on famous music platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. More than its quickly-rising music video, much of the buzz is on the lyrical content of the song. The rap legend in the making tackles his personal experiences with police brutality, unfair laws, and life struggles. The track’s authenticity and reliability made it easy for Massiah to establish a profound connection with his listeners. 

His latest EP Genesis was released last October 2020 and has quickly gained traction in the rap scene. Some of his tracks reaching thousands of streams include “6anction,” “Brid9es,” and “Labels Entourage,” and “5:55,” among many others. In Spotify alone, Massiahg has listeners from all over the United States all the way to London. His impactful lyricism and incredible talent in grunge rap have also landed him several collaborations with other artists, and he has appeared in several albums, including “Sinister,” “Midnight Tokers,” and “Let The Past Die.” 

Indeed, Massiahg may just be New York’s best representation in the underground rap scene. But more than his impressive talent in music, he is also an activist proudly using his voice to bring awareness and political and social changes. As an artist, his ultimate mission is to heal individuals through his music. He seeks to provide an escape for listeners dealing with overwhelming emotions. Fortunately, his versatility as a musician allows him to cater to countless listeners, even those with different music styles.

Today, Massiahg is bursting out the underground rap scene and bringing his talent to the international music arena. In the future, Massiahg hopes for his brand SPOOF 555 to go global alongside establishing a record label ready to discover the next biggest talents. 

His brave decision not to pursue his college journey was not without a strong reason. From deeply knowing what he wanted to do in life, he made it his mission to commit to entrepreneurship and his passion for music. This proved to be one of the best decisions he has made for himself as he continues to make his way to the top of the music industry. Through music, he now seeks to empower others and inspire them to embrace taking risks in life. 

To know more about Massiahg and his music, please check him out on Spotify.

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