McDonald’s Russia is now Vkusno & tochka

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McDonald’s has been rebranded to Vkusno & tochka. The golden arches are gone, so are the Big Mac, and instead, there is a fish burger on their menu called the Filet-O Fish. 

In a recent shakeup, McDonald’s handed their stores over to new Russian ownership and reopened them in a new name that translates to “Tasty, and that’s it.”

The rebranding of the stores is an evident sign that things are changing in this new world order. In addition, Russia Day – a holiday honoring national pride – saw the reopening of the restaurants. 

McDonald’s fortunes, which the chain put on sale when it withdrew from the country over the Ukraine-Russia conflict, could signify how strong Russia’s economy is becoming more self-providing and enduring Western sanctions.

Sunday’s reopening drew tons of people outside the outlets of what was formerly known as McDonald’s flagship restaurant in Pushkin Square, central Moscow. The store stood with a new logo – a burger and two fries – and a slogan: “The name changes, love stays.” 

The crowd at this McDonald’s was considerably smaller than the thousands who flocked to their original opening during Soviet times.

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“We need to avoid a drop in quality so that everything stays as it was before because we loved McDonald’s,” stated IT employee Sardana Donskaya, who lined up 32 years ago for a taste of a restaurant that had embodied Western capitalism and came back on Sunday to guide its replacement. 

Vkusno and tochka’s menu had fewer items than McDonald’s and did not offer the Big Mac, McFlurry, or a few other items. Compared to McDonald’s double cheeseburger at 160 roubles and a fish burger at around 190, the items under the new brand cost 129 and 169, respectively. 

According to quality manager Alexander Merkulov, the company has kept many of the original elements that made up their first burger, and they still use equipment from McDonald’s to prepare them.

In March last year, McDonald’s shut down all their restaurants in Russia and announced that they would leave in mid-May. This is one of the biggest business withdrawals since Russia’s attack on Ukraine. 

Most of the packaging for fries and burgers was plain white, as well as the drink cups and the takeaway bags were plain brown, indicating that the new owners have been in a rush to rebrand in time for the launch. 

A 15-year-old customer named Sergei saw only a bit of difference. 

“The taste has stayed the same,” he stated as he dug into a chicken burger and fries. “The cola is different, but there really is no change to the burger.”

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