Multi Billionaire Steven Kronick Wins World’s First Honorable Trillionaire Title

Visionary multi billionaire Steven Kronick won the world’s first honorable Trillionaire title from the United States’ most trusted historic society that has saved world history for 123 years celebrating world leaders like Joel Osteen, Franklin Graham, Hugh Hefner, Warren Buffett, Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg, John D. Rockefeller, Donald Trump, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey.

Steven Kronick was awarded the Trillionaire title together with a Lifetime Achievement award and a Worldwide Humanitarian award. 

VisualTargeting® was started thanks to Steven Kronick in 2007. The world’s new industry standard in visual style is trusted at Fortune 500s, businesses, bestsellers, and celebrities, in 181 world nations. 

The United States has three patents for its visual style innovations and the brand enjoys multi billion dollar valuations with the world’s highest single patent valuation that supports a multi trillion dollar market. VisualTargeting® has up to 174 trillion visual style points available with up to 11 trillion visual palettes that help people live better lives.

Steven Kronick is a Gold & Platinum award winning singer featured at Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV, VH1, a #1 singer songwriter on the world’s top charts, and the highest rated entrepreneurship advisor at

VisualShoppingTM is the world’s first motion picture shopping brand that lets you buy anything that you want at your favorite television shows, motion pictures, from VisualTargeting® and Steven Kronick.

Steven Kronick who started VisualTargeting® from a Malibu mountaintop mansion where the word was shown to him in a dream thanks God for this professional business achievement in world history and hopes to “share the good news with the world” thanking girls that love and loved him for the inspiration that he enjoys to live.

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