New York Fashion Week Sees 7-Foot-Tool Virtual Models Designed by Maisie Schloss

Photo: CNN

With the new normal, more and more industries have adapted their artwork for a digital future.

The New York Fashion show stage turned into a digital fantasy with designer Maisie Schloss’ 7-foot tall holographic models sporting chic partywear.

Over the weekend, the guests walked into a gallery venue to see the virtual models assembled in a line, making repetitive motions much like how GIFs work. These dolls were inspired by “Monsters High,” one of those franchises that came out around the 2010s. 

Some sported body paints of green and blue, ears and fins of creatures while they rotated the space with hips swayed and fingers pointed at audiences, sometimes radiating animated blue lightning or bubbles. 

With a retro-futuristic vibe, the overpouring detailing on these pieces points to an imagined virtual future of fashion. A few models wore VR glasses – displaying throwback 2000s outlines, including sparkling party tops and body con designs as well as vinyl trench coats.

Schloss stated that they wanted to “really push the whole fantasy of what we can create” in the team up with Yahoo. “I really wanted to serve as a study of the often blurry line between reality and fantasy – what makes something that is real feel unreal?” she said in a video call. 

Schloss is an LA-based designer whose label’s name was based on her mother’s maiden moniker. She began working as Kanye West’s assistant. She steadily worked her way up to designing for women, receiving the first grant given out by his incubator program three years ago – at which point she established herself with this successful brand. 

Since then, she rose within the fashion industry, with her designs sported by Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner and appearing on Euphoria, an HBO show. 

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