Patrick Beck


Birthday: 09/01/1990

Nationality: American

Hometown: Albuquerque (De La Mancha)

Height: 6’

Occupation: President, Entrepreneur, Artist, Inventor

Country of citizenship: USA

Place of birth: Santa Fe, NM

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, some French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic, Latin

Religion: Protestant, Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Nihilism, Jewish, Agnostic, Infinite Temple


Psychology, Chemical engineering, Electronics, Photonics, Art, Music, Religion, Linguistics, stock analysis, social media, Photonics, Education, Math, Sciences, Philosophy,




A Glass Art award present by the Chinese government of Hijian City for a million dollar goblet. The award ceremony was televised all across China and Beijing.

Recognition / Best known for

Best known for glass art, social media, traveling, entrepreneurship, being the youngest person to run for President and have a military nomination, Ambassador, and the warp speed formula, as well as integrated infinite Calculus and it’s creations.


Artist, Entrepreneur, Ambassador, Scientist, Writer, inventor, Musician, Celebrity

Personal life

Single, Orphan, first child was assassinated in the womb 

Personal website / company website


Patrick is a world-renowned glass artist and entrepreneur. He started with nothing at 16, on the streets. He graduated high school early that year and went on to college. After that, he ended up traveling the world and being an entrepreneur. He’s met many celebrities as well as political figures from around the globe. 

He also took classes with famous rock stars like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. He was then invited to be an ambassador in Spain after traveling the USA. Patrick has mentored with Tai Lopez and was given a scholarship as a continuation of his ambassador training.

Patrick’s main business and passion is glass art. The venture has enabled him to be able to travel the world and have his art seen by millions of people. He traveled through Europe and won an award in China for his glass, which was televised.

When he was a child, around 7 years, he decided that he wanted to continue in his Great grandfather’s  footsteps and run for President. His grandfather was a Colonel in the Marine Corps and is in history for many battles from WW2 through Operation Desert Storm, he also was a history major with a PhD and taught at UCLA. The figure gave Patrick inspiration to keep moving forward no matter what happens, as well as the strength and courage to succeed. 

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