Stellantis Announces Layoff in Sterling Heights Stamping Plant


Photo: Citroenvie

Auto manufacturer Stellantis announced Tuesday that they would be increasing their redundancy at the Sterling Heights factory beginning next week.

The number of Stellantis employees being laid off is unknown, but it told Reuters that the action was made “in order to operate the plant in a more sustainable manner.” 

The United Auto Workers Local 1264, a union that manages the concerns of the Stellantis-owned Chrysler Sterling stamping factory, uploaded a letter saying the “indefinite layoff will be from the bottom up,” beginning June 20. 

Media outlets have been reaching out to UAW for a response on the number of employees affected, but they haven’t issued one yet.

According to its website, Stellantis’ Sterling Stamping is the world’s biggest stamping factory, employing 2,184 workers, which involves around 2,000 hourly employees. 

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On the other hand, a Canadian auto workers union that represents Stellantis workers at Windsor Assembly Plant in Ontario, Unifor Local 444, took to Twitter on Tuesday, stating that the car manufacturer’s factory in Windsor will be closed for the week of June 20 due to the lack of parts. 

“Stellantis continues to work closely with our suppliers to mitigate the manufacturing impacts caused by the various supply chain issues facing our industry,” a company spokesperson told Reuters.

“As the situation continues to be very fluid, we are making production adjustments as necessary to minimize additional production impact.” 

The company’s key Melfi plant in southern Italy has been halted for a week, mentioning insufficient parts like semiconductors as the main reason behind the temporary shut down. 

In April, Stellantis stated that it expects the semiconductor supply chain problem to lack improvement before next year.

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