SEO Myths Debunked: What to Ignore and Where to Focus Your Efforts

SEO Myths Debunked: What to Ignore and Where to Focus Your Efforts

In the digital marketing industry, Search Engine Optimisation has always been a game-changer, irrespective of size and type of industry. However, with the abundance of information available, it’s easy for businesses to fall prey to misconceptions about the use of SEO.

This is particularly true for companies that have been in the business for a long time and are looking for strategic ways to expand their reach continuously. Businesses utilizing the benefits of SEO in Perth are going to stay ahead in the competition, and there are no two ways to think about it.

In this blog, we’ll debunk common SEO myths circulating across social media and familiarize you with certain aspects of SEO to help you be on the top rankings of SERPs.

Common Myths Regarding SEO

Myth 1: Keywords Are No Longer Relevant

One of the most persistent myths is that keywords have lost their importance in SEO. It’s more like saying that maps are no longer necessary to find a home. A website without keywords still holds no value. The truth is that keywords remain crucial in understanding what your audience is searching for.

However, the approach has evolved from keyword stuffing to targeting relevant keywords within the proper context, essentially targeting the user intent. SEO in Perth is undoubtedly the balance of using location-based keywords alongside service-specific terms to make the most of the purpose. 

Make My Website—a digital marketing company in Perth excels in identifying target keywords that resonate with the search intent. They ensure that your content not only ranks well but also meets the needs of potential customers.

Myth 2: More Links Equals Higher Rankings

While backlinks play a huge part in the success of SEO, the myth suggests that the quantity of links is more important than the quality. This is far from the truth. In fact, a few high-quality and relevant links from credible sites are much more valuable than numerous low-quality links.

Businesses should focus on writing for reputable websites that are similar to their industry to earn backlinks. Natural link-building strategies through writing high-quality content for other websites and prioritizing variation in anchor text is the key. 

Myth 3: SEO Is a One-Time Effort

Another misconception is that SEO is a one-time task. In reality, SEO requires ongoing effort and adaptation to changing algorithms and market trends. You must know that competitors continuously refine their SEO strategies. When you treat SEO as a one-time task, you may risk falling behind in search engine results.

For these reasons, regular content updates, updating keyword strategies, and auditing technical SEO aspects are necessary to maintain and improve rankings.

When you choose professionals like Make My Website, understand that the experts here offer continuous support and updates to keep your business ahead in Perth’s digital competition. 

Myth 4: Social Media Doesn’t Impact SEO

While it is true that social media do not DIRECTLY boost search engine rankings, it is definitely helpful to earn more traffic to your website. It is well known that sharing your content on social media is the best way to get traffic. Google prioritizes high-traffic websites and most searched brands, which, in turn, can increase SEO rankings.

For Perth businesses, engaging with local audiences on social media can significantly boost online visibility. Integrating social media strategies with SEO efforts to maximize your digital footprint is best.

Myth 5: SEO Is All About Ranking

Ranking on the first page of Google is undoubtedly a primary goal of SEO, but it’s not the sole objective. The ultimate aim is to attract qualified traffic to your site and convert visitors into customers. Focusing solely on rankings can overlook other critical aspects, such as user experience and conversion optimization.

Make My Website takes a holistic approach to SEO, ensuring that your Perth-based business ranks well and delivers a compelling user experience that drives conversions.

Where to Focus Your Efforts

Prioritize User Experience (UX)

Google’s algorithms increasingly reward sites that offer a superior user experience. This includes fast website loading times, websites that support every device, including mobiles, are easy to use, and have high-quality content.

Make My Website places a strong emphasis on creating websites that not only rank well but also provide an engaging and efficient user experience.

Focus on Content Quality

Content is the backbone of SEO. It is essential to produce original and valuable content that answers your audience’s questions and meets their needs. Content should be optimized for search engines and humans; the key is using keywords naturally and providing genuine value.

 Make My Website specializes in crafting content that resonates with Perth audiences, establishing your business as a trusted authority in your niche.

Invest in Technical SEO

The technical aspects of your website—such as structured data, site speed, and secure connections (HTTPS)—play a significant role in SEO success.

Ensuring your site is technically optimized is crucial for both search engine crawling and user experience. Look for companies that offer comprehensive technical SEO audits and optimisations to enhance your site’s performance and visibility.

Local SEO for Perth Businesses

For businesses targeting the Perth market, local SEO remains the top priority for the current and future digital market. Optimising for local search includes claiming your Google My Business listing, obtaining positive reviews, and ensuring your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information is consistent across the web.

Make My Website leverages local SEO tactics to connect Perth businesses with their community and drive local traffic and engagement. 


Clarifying these SEO myths is the first step toward developing an effective strategy that aligns with current best practices. Understanding that SEO in Perth, or in any other city for that matter, is an ongoing process that helps businesses prioritize actions that drive genuine and sustainable results.

 With “Make My Website” as your partner, leveraging their expertise in catering to the Perth market and beyond, your business is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of SEO and achieve online success.

Published by: Aly Cinco

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