Who Is This Musical Storytelling Phenom “The ATG”

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Birth name Ashwin Ganesan AKA “The ATG”  this global Detroit native artist/producer/composer is quietly growing into a juggernaut of the entertainment industry. With 250 written publications abroad and here in America it’s safe to say his mark is being made with him paving his own way at the same time. Whether it’s working with D-12’s Swifty McVay, Hip Hops elite producer’s like Scott Storch & ATL Jacob he definitely has the attention of the influential movers & shakers that matter in the music industry. With Hip Hop Legend Brownsville, Brooklyn native M. O. P. member Billy Danze is quoted calling “The ATG” the “European Dr. Dre”. His ability to produce every genre of music while applying layers of classical overtones that seamlessly blend together is genius and chameleon-like.

Listening to his music you’ll definitely need popcorn because it sounds like you’re in a movie theater. With inspiration mostly coming from within and sometimes catching a vibe from other past composers (Hans Zimmer) or known Hip Hop producers (Dr. Dre) he forms a style of his own. He’s also a master engineer constantly staying ahead of the curve of the new sounds and equipment that is constantly evolving. His debut single called “Outside” is a mixture of classical and Hip Hop overtones that take on a journey into his lyrical & musical realm. Kyyba Music’s recording artists such as Chicago native rapper Lil Reese, female artist TeeCee Rou’Lette & R&B singer Justin Love have all benefited from his abilities. He’s also produced a hit single with actor Omar Gooding called “Paranoid” which also featured “GV Prakash” & “SA-ROC” which got major buzz amongst the Djays nationwide. 

Currently he’s working with creative director/artist developer Maiko Fukudo to perfect his stage performance and craft as an artist. It’s in his DNA to be a trailblazer and perfectionist. His work ethic in the studio is like the late Kobe Bryant workouts in the gym, very intense! Surprisingly his mother told him he had a nice voice and should consider being a rapper as well. Being a producer firsthand his transition to an artist was a piece of cake considering his constant contact with the artists he’s cultivating in the studio. He recently had a viewing session for his upcoming video “Outside” in Los Angeles with industry experts in attendance. His upcoming EP is going to take you for a cinematic musical ride showcasing his full abilities with a MATRIX like adventure, which will keep you engaged fully. We can only expect the word ‘Greatness’ when mentioning The ATG in future conversations to come. 

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