Alison Bowles: Unstoppable Entrepreneur, Blogger, Cancer Survivor, and Model on the Rise

A Photo by Zac Coleman (@zaccoleman) for MAXIM Australia

woman who fixes her eyes on a goal and sets out to achieve the same is one who is worthy of admiration. In a world where women are still held back by their status in society in many parts of the world, Alison Bowles is going against the grain in the hopes of changing standards in the modeling industry by giving opportunities to petite women such as herself. With sheer grit and determination, Alison is fast becoming the next big thing in the international modeling scene as she shows the world that petite models are inspiring the change that they hope to see in this generation. 

Alison Bowles was inspired to create her personal brand when Instagram first came out a few years ago. She saw ordinary and everyday people dominating the social media platform and making it a full-time career. She was instantly motivated to try it out and positioned herself as a fashion enthusiast, travel blogger, and rising entrepreneur. Aside from being a Maxim model signed under MMG NY, Alison is also best known for being a serious businesswoman. She is the creator of the blog site Wander in Heels, where she gets to travel to a new location every week as a model and blogger. She partners with tourism boards and hotels around the world and writes her own content. She also sells preset packs on her edits that are available on her website. 

As a travel blogger, Alison Bowles has visited many of the world’s most beautiful sites, and her social media followers can get a taste of it through her breathtaking photos. She also gives personal travel tips to guide travelers on the best sites to visit, food to eat, and places to stay in a particular city. Some of the most stunning places she has visited include Antigua and Barbuda, Toronto, London, Paris, Cuba, Thailand, Amsterdam, and New York City, to mention a few.

She also ventured into Lacy Coe, an online boutique, and Slay Miami, America’s first CBD sports recovery center. Additionally, Alison is the creator of YOUv Radiance Charity, a non-profit organization that actively supports the Skin Cancer Foundation. As Alison Bowles survived skin cancer herself at the age of 22, she hopes to create massive awareness on how to protect one’s self from the illness. She also hopes to reach out to those who are also fighting skin cancer and extend encouragement so that they never have to fight it alone. 

More than a personal goal, her journey into becoming an international model is something that Alison Bowles does passionately to change the industry standards even if she falls 5 inches short of the required minimum height. Standing at 5’3”, she was not a likely modeling candidate at all. 

Her determination to make a powerful statement did not go unnoticed. Alison finds fulfillment in being able to motivate other petite women to not give up on their dreams no matter what other people may say. She inspires them to be brave and pursue them without ceasing. 

In the next couple of years, Alison Bowles sees herself making it in magazine covers and becoming a public figure, representing all petite women around the world who also have the potential to be stunning in front of the camera. Having proved that it is possible to launch a modeling career despite her height, Alison is paving the way for other women to achieve their dreams as well. Find out more about Alison Bowles by visiting her Wander in Heels website. Follow her Instagram account for updates on her latest projects.

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