DESUAR SPA Further Promotes Holistic Wellness Through the Reopening of Its Second Location in Hollywood

Behind the triumphant veils of industry powerhouses lie a noble vision that shakes the world with brilliance and compassion. While some enterprises emerge as a vehicle for generating wealth and gaining fame, other extraordinary ventures serve great lengths to impact lives and make a difference in the world. One of these trailblazing entities is DESUAR SPA.

DESUAR Spa is a premier spa that rests in the ethnically-diverse city of Los Angeles, California. Setting its eyes on serving more people and to offer more, DESUAR SPA is set to re-open the doors of its second location on June 14, 2022. The new location sits in the heart of Hollywood at 6613 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California, with two levels and over 3350 square feet. DESUAR Spa’s Hollywood site will include two cou-ples rooms, five additional treatment rooms, changing rooms, copper tubs, showers, lockers, two relaxation rooms, and a retail area.

DESUAR SPA offers a luxurious experience to all its guests. Every treatment is designed to provide the ultimate experience to ease the mind, body and soul. For those who had a long day or need a break may find solace in DESUAR Spa’s long list of services and treatments. DESUAR SPA stretches its horizons far and beyond to deliver services unlike any other. Some of the services the Spa offers include Hydrafacial & Plason acne treatments to scrubs, wraps and eyebrow services, with the goal for guests to achieve holistic well-being while promoting natural healing. As a day spa that aims to transcend limits and go beyond, DESUAR SPA goes all out to achieve transformation in people’s lives. “DESUAR SPA is a place of renewal for the mind, body, and spirit,” shared its esteemed founder, Deisy Suarez.

Although DESUAR SPA is already a promising entity, it would not have achieved many successful milestones had it not been for the passion and dedication of its founder, Deisy Suarez. Since establishing DESUAR Cosmetics in 2004, this power player has remained steadfast in promoting beauty, wellness, and relaxation, accumulating over 15 years of experience in the self-care industry. For this reason, the establishment of DESUAR SPA represents her passion for philanthropy and entrepreneurship, dedicating her career to enriching the lives of others.

Making a difference in this cutthroat world is a tedious task, but DESUAR SPA proves that anything is possible if one works hard. As the firm leaves traces of its prowess, it hopes to lead an industry that endlessly provides solutions to holistic health and wellness issues.

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