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Jetall Companies Inc. Stands Tall in the Real Estate Industry with Integrity and Promise

The family-owned business Jetall Companies Inc. has been in the game for over five decades now. Established in 1961 in London, England, the brand has become a staple in the real estate industry with its commitment to delivering nothing but the best for its esteemed clients. In the early 1990s, during the RTC and S&L era, the company made acquisitions in the United States and eventually uprooted its headquarters to Houston, Texas. Fast forward to today, Jetall now owns more than two million square feet of commercial real estate, with holdings that are primarily focused in Houston and Dallas.

Jetall Companies is the largest owner of commercial office sales in Houston’s Galleria submarket, with nearly one million square feet. Standing at the top of the company is its renowned President and CEO, Mr. Ali Choudhri. Mr. Choudhri has spent the past 16 years of his real estate career with the company dipping his toes into various key areas such as acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, financing, development, and lending. 

Learning the ropes of the industry from his father at a very young age, Mr. Choudhri is driving the company to even bigger successes by providing its clients with offices in two key locations in Texas. With the massive success that he has amassed in commercial real estate, he ventured into other opportunities, such as building and developing residential communities in Houston. His residential projects include the tallest single-family home in Texas. 

Through the years, Jetall has successfully developed more than 30 commercial retail centers and more than 250 high-end homes, primarily within the 610 loop in Houston. The company is vertically integrated, giving Jetall control over all phases of the project, including construction, leasing, and property management. Currently, Jetall consists of an expert team of more than 40 employees and subcontractors.

Ali Choudhri is fully dedicated to serving his clients, pouring his heart and soul into Jetall Companies as a result. Over the years, he leveraged his personal funds and massive professional network to acquire more than $250 million worth of real estate assets. Throughout the course of his promising real estate career, Mr. Choudhri has acquired, developed, and managed various assets in Dubai, Europe, Mexico, and the United States. 

Brad Parker serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Jetall Companies, working alongside Mr. Choudhri to deliver nothing but the best to their elite clientele. Mr. Parker has had more than a decade’s worth of experience in investment banking prior to his role as the CFO for Jetall. He spent a huge part of his professional career at Lehman Brothers and Evercore Partners, delivering high-value services in the industry, such as mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, and public capital assignments involving more than $40 billion in value. 

Above all else, Jetall Companies is standing tall and dominating the real estate investment and management industry. Despite all of the success that the company has reaped over the years, the team is consistently on the lookout for high-quality and prominent development opportunities in a highly volatile real estate market. 

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