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Leikyn Bravo



Birthday: December 5th, 1997

Nationality: United States of America

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Height: 5’9″

Relatives: Dawn Bravo – Mother, Ross Bravo Jr. – Father, Ross Bravo III – Brother, Monica Brown – Stepmother, Brian Hogan – Stepfather, Emma Hogan & Laurel Hogan – Stepsisters

Occupation: Singer and Songwriter

Country of citizenship: USA

Place of birth: Glendale, AZ

Languages spoken: English


Berklee College of Music


Leikyn Bravo

Recognition / Best known for:

Her song “Look What You Missed”

Early life details

Leikyn Bravo was born on December 5th, 1997 in Glendale, AZ. The daughter of Dawn Bravo and Ross Bravo Jr., Leikyn grew no stranger to the entertainment world. Before music, she loved competitive figure skating. Later she booked her first Chicago Broadway show at the age of 12. After 6 additional years in the musical theatre industry, she began to study at Berklee College of music and performed with the EDM group Sounds Limitless. After finishing her Bachelor’s degree in just two years, Leikyn went on to travel the world solo and shared her music in 45 countries across 6 different continents.


Outside of working in musical theatre, Leikyn’s first career was at Sonic Drive-In, working as a roller skating carhop. After a few years with the company, she began working full-time in the music industry.

Personal life

Leikyn Bravo is the daughter of Dawn Bravo, a US native, and former Vice President of Operations for Computer Systems Institute. Her father is Ross Bravo Jr., a native from the Philippines and former CEO for the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. At this time, Leikyn is unmarried and loves to spoil her Corgi named Noodles and her kitten named Rice. She also loves to care for her 50+  house plants.

Personal website / company website


Leikyn Bravo is a skillful singer, versatile songwriter, an experienced actress, and an all-around musician.

In addition, she is a graduate from the renowned Berklee College of Music with a bachelor’s degree in Songwriting. Her passion for world cultures and travel has allowed her to share live music in 45 countries across six continents. In the past, she fronted and toured with the EDM band Sounds Limitless, danced the samba and drummed with the Brazilian batucada Grooversity, and has taken on a Broadway Chicago stage. Leikyn has been featured in articles and radio shows for the Chicago Tribune, Fox, NY Weekly, LA Wire, and more. Her original songs have aired over several radio stations and have been placed in an official IMDb movie.

This 2021 year, Leikyn will be debuting for the first time as a solo artist. She has spent countless years reimaging her sound, filming music videos, and putting together a top-tier team to help make her ideas come to life. Her album Songs You’ll Never Hear shares a glimpse into her journey overcoming obstacles within the music industry, having doors slammed in her face, and finding her love for music all over again. It showcases that you don’t need to wait on others to find your own success. Leikyn believes “only you can define your success and only you can create it.”

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