RoRo Yone’s ‘Bones’ Bares All Hardships and Inspires Others to Persevere

Life can be full of all kinds of challenges and trials. To expect it to be anything otherwise would be wishful thinking. Through the seemingly insurmountable challenges, what people need most is content that inspires others to overcome hardships. Such is the case with RoRo Yone and his EP Album, Bones, making a huge impact online and beyond.

RoRo Yone is a North Virginia-based artist who has been making waves early in his career after releasing an EP album that has been gaining momentum over the past few months. Yone likes to take his own experiences and translate them into melodic masterpieces. He sings of both the ups and downs, the hills and the valleys, of his everyday life.

The artist’s album Bones best exemplify Yone’s musical work. The EP delves into the music artist’s struggle, conflict, and the road to acceptance. He entices listeners with solid lyricism and authentically presents values and beliefs that Yone holds dear. In addition, RoRo often writes and sings about his own experiences, which he turns into stories that bear all his pain and struggles and has an inspirational message for people who feel like throwing in the towel. He sings about life’s roller-coaster experiences and shares lessons and truths that have brought him through the most challenging seasons of his life. 

Bones is a collection of tales and reflections from RoRo Yone’s personal experiences. “I write songs that most people can relate to,” the artist adds. “From day-to-day life to re-living party nights, to life struggles with positive messages, or even the battles everyone deals with when driving.” He adds that to be a good artist, one must have the courage to speak the truth. The album holds an array of hard-hitting songs that have drawn a lot of listeners and attention, including the tracks “Make It Bounce,” “Better Days,” “Money Everywhere,” “Good Times,” “Swerve,” and “Goin’ Nowhere.”

RoRo openly shares hardships because he’s no stranger to them. Growing up in his home country, the Philippines, he didn’t have a lot of opportunities in the beginning. He was born to a low-income family that struggled for daily bread. Apart from being a broken home, he grew up without a permanent place to call home. “Our family was impoverished, bouncing around houses and spending some time on the streets,” RoRo shares. “To detach from the grim reality surrounding me, I found music to be the perfect form of escapism.”

Despite all that struggle, RoRo would work hard. After seeing his siblings provide by winning singing contests and paying the bills with the earnings, he decided music would be his roadmap. Finally, after years of dedicating himself to growing his talent and getting the chance to move to the United States, RoRo Yone’s hard work paid off. 

Many people hold a lot of fear and despair in their minds. Consequently, they have lived lives full of neglect, disappointment, and discouragement. Those with such thoughts would feel that they cannot change their situation and believe it to be out of their control and power. RoRo, however, is different from most people. His mindset is fueled with optimism and hard work. He has shown that one can be a product of their environment and learn how to change it for the better.

To learn more about RoRo Yone and his music, check out his website and Instagram profile. His music can be found on Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, and Amazon Music.

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