A Journey Through Black African History in Eleven Songs: Michael Prince Johnson’s ‘African History Vol.1’

Michael Prince Johnson
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Immerse yourself in the musical journey of Michael Prince Johnson’s album, ‘African History Vol.1,’ available on all major digital platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube. This album showcases Johnson’s exceptional skill in playing various instruments, including the kalimba, shekere, calabash, surdo, sampler, and drum machine, demonstrating his prowess as an instrumental musician, composer, producer, songwriter, and DJ.

Known as the ‘King of Instrumental Storytelling,’ Johnson has earned worldwide recognition for his ability to blend various musical genres, including instrumental hip-hop, EDM, African music, R&B, soul, funk, pop, and rock, with stories about African history, sociology, psychology, and current issues. He has become one of the most important instrumental musicians of our time, as well as one of the leading figures in the global music scene and the top artist in the Austrian music scene.

With previous hits like “Let’s Go Crazy,” Johnson has been featured in top magazines such as LA Weekly, HipHopSince1987, Billboard, The Source, The Hype Magazine, Vents Magazine, AllHipHop, Music Observer, Famous Time, The US Journal, and Music Star News. His music has been played on 3000 radio stations in 160 countries on 6 continents, reaching 500 million listeners.

The album ‘African History Vol.1’ features international hits like “Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt,” “African History,” “Forgetting The Culture Of Origin,” “I Love Africa,” “Importance Of Nature,” and “List of Black African Religions.” These songs offer a rich exploration of black African people’s history and accomplishments, blending instrumental hip-hop, RnB, soul, and funk genres to create a seamless, cohesive sound.

Johnson is a member of The 72 Diamonds duo group with his wife Michaela Queenie Johnson. Johnson has produced over 70 albums and 600 songs, cementing his status as a prolific artist. He produced, composed, arranged, performed, and mixed all of his albums and songs, making ‘African History Vol.1’ a true reflection of his artistic vision. In addition to his music, he is also the founder and owner of the record label worldoceanmusicgroup.com.

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