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Dr. Daphney Phillip, the Acclaimed Educator and Mentor Maneuvering Burned Out Teachers in the Direction of Financial Freedom

Over the years, it has become common to see people turn to the internet to learn new skills and gain a deeper understanding of a diverse range of topics. Countless entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires, and highly accomplished personalities have even managed to reach great heights in their careers, thanks to the flood of information and resources that can be found online. But despite this growing reality, it still pays off to seek the guidance of established authorities who are experts not only in the technicalities of a particular field but can also provide rich insights about the road to success. Dr. Daphney Phillip is among those who have emerged as a go-to coach for go-getters hoping for a more financially stable future. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a heart for helping others, she offers a signature program that maneuvers teachers away from the classroom and toward the commercial space. 

An educator and mentor with over twenty years of teaching experience under her belt, Dr. Daphney Phillip is the creator of the L.I.I. (Leading, Inspiring, and Innovating) Method. She also serves as the mind behind the book Teaching Under Pressure and hosts the podcast Personality 1st Then Teach. Immensely well-versed in STEM, assessment, curriculum and professional development, and educational technology, this widely respected figure specialized in the use of the Community of Inquiry Framework of Teaching Presence, Cognitive Presence, and Social Presence to rock any classroom, as well as utilized authentic and engaging lesson plans and assessments, live streaming, in-classroom settings, and e-learning platforms to transfer knowledge effectively. 

After two decades of educating and guiding countless students, Dr. Daphney Phillip has become privy to the struggles—especially those financial in nature—of today’s teachers.

“I know their pain and their victories,” she shared. “I understand their passion and love for their profession. I understand the pain they suffered. I speak their language and know what keeps them up at night.”

Hand in hand with this intimate awareness is the recognition that she possesses the skills that could help teachers take better control of their economic situation. So she capitalized on her impressive competencies to steer clients in the direction of financial freedom. 

Currently, Dr. Daphney Phillip works with teachers who love teaching but desire more than what the profession can offer beyond a crippling case of burnout, extra long hours, and underpayment. Through her signature program, she assists those under her wing in leveraging what they already know to venture into entrepreneurship, navigate the complex waters of the business industry, and find success. 

In the time since she first began offering her A-Z six-month program, Dr. Daphney Phillip has lent hundreds of clients a hand in carving a path away from the classroom, doing so by providing one-on-one coaching and tailored services. Never the type to only dish out videos and leave clients to figure things out on their own, she takes on an all-out approach toward propelling teachers toward their dream business. 

Despite the long list of accomplishments attached to her name, Dr. Daphney Phillip shows no sign of slowing down. In the future, she hopes to enable the success of more teachers and push them to a life of financial security.

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