Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC Educating Americans on Debt

One of the most debated topics in the United States economic space right now is the issue of Student Loans. Statistics suggest that this debt is not going down anywhere soon, especially when you consider the continued tuition hikes, the rate at which people are accessing student loans, and the high-interest rate that comes with each loan. As a result, the cost of tertiary education continues to become more expensive with each new day. However, of all these issues, none is as significant as the apparent confusion in the minds of debtors, especially regarding the status of their payment. As a result, California-based financial law firm Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC is educating young Americans on everything from student loan debts to making sound financial decisions. 

Greg Fitzgerald is a founding partner at Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC, a law firm operating in the financial space and committed to helping people make sound financial decisions. The firm was founded to provide advisory services to all Americans who are saddled with the responsibility of paying student loans and who have to deal with their inability to find decent jobs so they can make payments. Through a series of strategic planning, the firm comes up with a solution to every clients’ debt problem and ensures that these students begin their careers positively and with good credit scores.

As far as the loan system in the United States goes, beneficiaries of these loans have very little knowledge about the scheme they signed up for. According to Greg Fitzgerald, the various lenders and financial institutions are not helping matters. Reacting to an August 4 publication by a Private Loan Lender, SoFi, where the issue of Statute of Limitations on debts was discussed, he contends that SoFi is misleading consumers rather than educating them about their rights and obligations on private student loans. In fact, the Statute of Limitations does apply to private student loans.

Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC was set up to help all students and their families with the many different types of several student loans hanging over their heads. The firm, through its years of expertise, designs a practicable blueprint for resolution, one that is viable and achieves financial independence.

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