Magic & Cocktails Creates Phenomenal Parties with Its Magical Mixology

A Los Angeles party is never complete without the right variety of thirst-quenching drinks and some magical additions courtesy of the celebrities’ favorite bartending service provider, Magic & Cocktails. Business owner Marcos Gracia knows exactly what celebrities look for and what would make a party stand out. From stunning custom cocktails to bubble garnishes and a magic show as entertainment, nothing is ever predictable when Marcos and his team serve the drinks. 

LA is known for the wildest and most distinct parties across the country, and Magic & Cocktails adds to the vibe that fuels peoples’ energy and excitement. If anything, Macros and his team have redefined the mixology business with their elevated presentation and exceptional services. 

From birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, product launches, and movie premiers, Magic & Cocktails can be expected to be at the forefront, serving breathtaking concoctions that make clients ask for more. Besides the unique mixes, valuable entertainment is always top of mind when Marcos’ team delivers. Adding a bit of laughter to an awe-inspiring drink is always worth experiencing. 

“We provide magical moments for people. Magical and unforgettable moments of laughter, fun, and good tasting. We use magic tools that people have never seen before, and they are amazed at our magic tricks and the performance we create for them. Apart from that, we have high-level cocktail products and recipes, elevating the mixology to the highest level,” Marcos shared. 

Magic & Cocktails has brought a unique experience to the Kardashian parties and has served famous celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Drake, Nicky Minaj, and Eddie Murphy, to mention a few. Its A-list clients include Google, Tinder, YouTube, Cans, Uber, Mac, Nike, Samsung, Casa Rica, Hammitt, Viacom, Walden Media, Skims, Sony, L’oreal, Yelp, Chef K, W Co., Mindy Weiss, and Chef Johnnie, among others. 

“Our presentation at the bars is unique. We make displays with spinning stands, dry ice, and smoke everywhere. We don’t use mixers like common companies. We use fresh fruit and high-quality ingredients for high-end tasting cocktails. We use magic tools that no one does, creating a unique atmosphere at the party. Our bartenders are entertainment too. We have fun when we pour for our guests to make them feel the best time ever,” Marcos added. 

By nature, Marcos is a very fun-loving person who always wants to share some good times with his friends. He considers making people laugh and entertaining them two of his greatest passions in life, and these are the same attributes that motivated him to start Magic & Cocktails. For him, adding extraordinary magic to the regular cocktails his team serves adds a lot of excitement and a fun vibe to the overall party experience of his guests. 

Magic & Cocktails is the secret ingredient that turns a regular party into an unforgettable experience. Marcos and his team guarantee a phenomenal experience that is worth people’s time. And as the demand for unique parties continues to rise in Los Angeles, the company can be expected to cater to the high-end expectations of LA’s celebrities and biggest business organizations.

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