Marcela Iglesias


Birthday: April 8

Nationality: American/Argentinian

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Height: 5′ 3″

Relatives: Steven Berman, Rodrigo Iglesias, Graciela Iglesias, Kyle Berman, Cody Berman, Ryan Berman

Citizenship: American

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Place of birth: Argentina

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese

Education: College graduate


Plastics of Hollywood


Aesthetics award in 2016 from The Aesthetics Show

Recognition / Best known for

Queen of Hollywood / Human Barbie

Early life details

Marcela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and her childhood was fantastic. She is an only child, so she always got a lot of attention but never demanded people to watch what I was doing. She just always did what pleased her. After finishing college, she moved to California.


Entertainment media

Personal life

Her mom is Graciela Iglesias. Rodrigo Iglesias is her son. Kyle Cody and Ryan Berman are her stepchildren, and Steven Berman is her husband. Chuy, Bella, and Stella are her pot-bellied pigs, and Lucy and Pugsy are her dogs.

Personal website / company website



There’s a new queen in town.

When Marcela Iglesias moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago, she had nothing but a belief in herself and the motivation to become a self-made woman. During her first 10 years in America, she lived as an undocumented immigrant and worked tirelessly to create the life she had dreamed of as a child. Like all too many young women, that dream became a nightmare when she found herself trapped in a bad relationship with the father of her young child. But when things were at their worst, Marcela took control of her own destiny.

Today Marcela runs a one-of-a-kind talent management company and lifestyle brand called “The Plastics of Hollywood,” while at the same time making bank in real estate. With her newfound confidence, Marcela was able to find an incredible new man, who was raising three children, and together they have created a happy and healthy modern family who all support one another and challenge themselves to achieve their dreams.

Marcela now has it all. She’s a gorgeous, successful, career woman whose work as a talent manager often sees her featured in entertainment media alongside her clientele. Her positive journey has called the attention of many Angelino women who, although they may have married well or have committed themselves to their families, are missing a sense of purpose in their lives.

Over the years, many of these women have sought her out for guidance, which Marcela can’t help but give, no matter how brutal it may be. However, those who have taken Marcela’s no-nonsense guidance have found it to be incredibly effective.

The mix of empathy and brutal honesty that’s made Marcela such an effective manager for her clientele has translated seamlessly to these women and men who want to make a serious change in their career or life direction. That’s why in 2017, Marcela launched her newest and most exciting business venture yet: personalized life alteration motivation, which she calls “Marcela’s Way.”

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