Motivation: How Donald Elvin Robinson Jr. Hopes to Build the Future

Donald Elvin Robinson Jr., better known as Motivation, was born in Philadelphia on November 25, 1995. He is African-American hip-hop and rap artist, a successful author, a thriving entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker. Life is just beginning for this 25-year-old who holds a plethora of talents and shows no signs of stopping. 

Donald grew up on the north side of Philadelphia, modestly raised by his mother and father. However, he quickly adapted to the ways of life through his profound awareness of things and by learning from his mistakes. Donald enjoys playing basketball, among all other things. He graduated from Roxborough High School in 2014 and studied business at Indiana University for two years before deciding to leave to gain more hands-on experience. For Donald, it was a gamble he was willing to take. 

It didn’t take long for him to start managing his father’s properties and, soon after, his businesses. He did this for about four years, gaining the knowledge and experience he couldn’t have while still in college. Then, prepared to take on the even more demanding challenges of life, he set out to make a name for himself using his talent and love for music.

He started his own company, Black Arts Records, to launch his music career. For others, it would be the perfect opportunity to get ahead and become rich, but Donald Robinson is much more than that. Launching his music career means he would have the opportunity to give back to his community – and that is what he intends to do. With the profit he will make from his ventures, he plans to buy numerous plots of land and provide proper housing to low-income families in safe areas. 

Donald stemmed from humble beginnings, and he knows how it feels to have very little. Aware of the hardships of life, he went on to launch Mental Motivation Ebooks. In this place, people can easily access downloadable ebooks that would help improve their personal life, deal with stress healthily, build their mind’s capabilities, and help them understand more about their credit scores to avoid mistakes and build a steadier future. For Donald, it’s all about uplifting one another and speaking his truth through various creative ways, and this was one of them. 

Despite being new to the world of entrepreneurship, Donald hopes to achieve more to give more. With his hard work and dedication, he intends to increase his revenue in the years to come while inspiring aspiring creatives in the United States to achieve their life goals and dreams, as giving back to the community is his ultimate purpose. For most 25-year-olds, this might be a pipe dream, but for Donald Robinson, this is his true calling. Showing no signs of slowing down, he aims for the top while staying unpretentious and grounded. Even now, he continues to make music and other creative pursuits to inspire others.

To find out more about Donald’s advocacies, work, and successes, you can check out his Instagram page and website. 

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