Rising Rap Sensation Yung Dub D Continues to Impress Hip-Hop Fans with His Latest Album

If there is one thing that makes rising rap sensation Yung Dub D stand out from the rest of his contemporaries in the hip-hop world, it is that he never disappoints. In everything that he does, he exemplifies excellent songwriting and rapping, making him one of the most promising rap artists to watch out for today. As can be expected, his latest release, Don’t Underestimate Belief, showcases his vibrant musicality, cool vibe, entertaining wordplay, and originality. 

This 2021, he released several singles, including “Wind It Up,” “Hush,” and “Alligator Lizard.” He also released three fiery albums, much to the delight of his fans. These included In Your Feelings, Revenge, and Switch Up. He also had a productive run last 2020 despite the debilitating effects of the pandemic on the industry and the economy. He released the album Love, which was followed by the launching of Love 2

Some of his well-loved songs on Spotify include “Head Over Heels,” “Blitz,” “Shame,” “I Did,” and “Alligator Lizard.” Last April 17, he launched his single “Hush,” which features Vinnie Bones. A lot of hip-hop fans consider the single a music masterpiece as they put their heads together to produce what many dub as the perfect rap song. 

Born Kedric Dewon Battee, the Dallas, Texas-born young artist, is now calling Virginia his home. When writing his songs, he draws inspiration from the various events in his life that made him a stronger person. One of these inspiring events was the death of his father when he was just six years old. Without a doubt, the pain he experienced with the loss of his father stayed with him for quite some time until he found a way to express his grief and longing for his father. By turning to music, Yung Dub D found himself and his future. Music became an effective healing balm that allowed him to recover from life’s adversities and become the person he was destined to be. 

“When I recorded ‘Core,’ I actually did not have anything written down at the time. I did have some of the hooks stuck in my head, which were the first two lines. After the second line, I started going with the flow,” Yung Dub D explained. 

Yung Dub D’s musical distinction is a combination of his exposure to various sensational music artists and his innate gifts. He attributes a part of who he has become as an artist to the personalities he looked up to while growing up. “My top three musical influences would be Michael Jackson because he is the greatest of all time and very talented. Stevie Wonder because he is a musical genius, and his songs express different moods and Lil Wayne because whatever was done, he tries to make a better version and be very competitive,” the artist shared. 

Apart from being an unstoppable force in the music industry, Yung Dub D has managed to bring the same charisma to social media. He is such a well-loved personality on Instagram today, with more than 42,800 followers. Despite his undeniable success, he still makes time to interact with his fans, and it is his down-to-earth nature that makes him an admirable force in the hip-hop world today. Check out Yung Dub D on Spotify to listen to his music. Follow his Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates on his latest projects.

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