Tasveer’s Resonant Odyssey: From Corporate Cubicle to Rap Virtuoso & Wellness Warrior

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The dazzling lights and allure of Downtown Los Angeles dynamism have cradled the journey of one individual, Tasveer, since 1988. 

The tapestry of his life has been a stirring sequence of rifts and rebounds. 

A Bengali kid surrounded by diverse ethnicity, Tasveer found his kindred spirits in the Hispanic and skater communities. 

One landmark event, a school rap battle—where Tasveer was initially made a jest for his Aladdin resemblance—ironically propelled him towards the hip-hop vortex instead. 

His spontaneous rap rebuttal earned him instant admiration among his contemporaries and the moniker “Taz-minem,” a nod towards the legend Eminem himself.

Post high school, Tasveer leveraged MySpace to vibe with fellow hip-hop artists. 

He connected with MC Jin, a significant Chinese figure in the rap scene, and his indomitable online presence aided him to feature on Power 106, a popular radio station, the first Bengali in Los Angeles to do so, all by the age of 18.

However, a vibrant exterior often masks internal storms, and Tasveer’s life too, was replete with struggles; predominantly driven by an incessant party lifestyle.

A spiraling descent into alcoholism compelled Tasveer to step back, take stock, and embark on a transformative path to sobriety, where he chanced upon electrolyzed reduced water. 

This discovery marked a watershed moment – shaping his physical and psychological well-being radically.

This journey from addiction to abstinence engendered the creation of ALKA-HOLIC – a brand echoing Tasveer’s arduous battle against alcoholism and his newfound appreciation for alkaline water. 


The phoenix-like emergence of ALKA-HOLIC encapsulates the essence of his journey – embodying the duality of his life’s trajectory.

Presenting his struggles and his triumphs alike has always been indispensable to Tasveer’s at and brand. 


His latest song “I Can Only Be Me” is a testament to this ethos. Available on all major music platforms, the song showcases his raw, genuine self, inviting listeners to understand his art and message.

Revisiting his past, Tasveer poignantly recollects – “I grew up in Downtown Los Angeles. We came to California in 1988. Back then there was no Koreatown; it was just Downtown LA. 

They sent me to a school in Compton that was full of black people, and I was the only brown kid. 

Going to school in Compton was historical. We’re talking about the birthplace of Dre, Eazy-E, Kendrick Lamar, YG, and The Game. 

We actually went to high school, Kendrick’s girl. Whitney Alford, and I, we were in the same classes.”

In the cinematic reel of life, Tasveer transitioned from being the only ‘brown’ kid in Compton to creating an indelible imprint on the hip-hop scene. 

Simultaneously, his journey of self-realization and recovery has morphed into his brand, ALKA-HOLIC, adding another facet to the story of his life.

You can follow Tasveer’s journey on Instagram at www.instagram.com/tasveerbadal and ALKA-HOLIC on www.instagram.com/officialalkaholic. More details on ALKA-HOLIC can be found at: www.officialalkaholic.com. Be a part of his life’s narrative as his sobriety, self-awareness, and artistic endeavors forge ahead, each reinforcing the other, etching an inspiring tale of triumph over trials.

Listen to “I Can Only Be Me” https://open.spotify.com/album/5r6mZhmroxNLkaBIyMEyjw?si=8K97TDsxTs2q2bZ-HeuF2g 

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