Timothy Vernon Long Jr.


Birthday: October 09, 1990

Nationality: African American

Hometown: Pittsburg, California

Height: 5’9”

Relatives: Tim Long Sr., Kylen Wesley, Jerica Wesley, Eden Wesley, Isaiah Wesley

Citizenship: American

Occupation: Jewelry Designer

Country of Citizenship: United States

Place of Birth: Oakland, California

Languages spoken: English

Religion: Christian

Education: High School

Organization: Tim Da Jeweler

Recognition / Best known for

Custom Jewelry Design

Early life details

I got interested in jewelry when I was working for an insurance agency while searching for a new career path. During this time, I purchased a pair of earrings online, and it dawned on me that I could actually sell the same earrings myself. When I found that I was interested in jewelry, I decided to go all in. I did countless hours of research online and found suppliers to make jewelry, and began to brand my company. I would later begin my first business, TSV Jewelers. TSV Jewelers was an online jewelry retailer catering jewelry in the United States and internationally. As time progressed, I began to make my own jewelry designs and sell them under my brand, which caught a significant amount of traction online. I then decided that it was time to put a face to my brand and also focus more on designing. This is how my name Tim Da Jeweler came about and I opened up a showroom for clients to meet with me in person to discuss and design their jewelry needs.


Tim Long aka Tim Da Jeweler, a custom jewelry designer raised in the Bay Area California, is considered one of top creative jewelers of the new era. Tim brings an artistic approach to the jewelry industry with mass amounts of detail and thought put behind every project. While working closely with clients, Tim takes pride in coming up with new ideas and designs to showcase his artistic talents. Tim focuses on providing clients with superior craftsmanship and excellent customer service at an affordable price.

Personal life


Father Tim Long Sr;

Mother Jerica Wesley




Custom jewelry designer Tim Long, best known as Tim Da Jeweler, has been around the industry for a considerable amount of time. As such, he knows that the business requires a different kind of approach when connecting with clients. More than his extraordinary customer service, the exceptional jewelry designer is elevating the custom jewelry business with his above par designs and highly reliable quality of diamonds.

Tim Da Jeweler is best known for his exceptionally intricate designs, from pendants to watches, earrings, rings, chains, and grillz. Going all out for his clients is an attribute that they appreciate as he brings life to their desired jewelry. He spends a lot of time listening to the kind of designs they aspire to have and getting to know their personality to develop a creation that best suits their way of life and personal taste. He is also very passionate about educating his clients about the different kinds of diamond cuts, clarity, and colors. One of his primary goals is to spare his clients from fraudulent transactions as counterfeit jewelers have penetrated the industry over the past years.

Protecting his clients interests and the integrity of his business is of utmost importance to Tim Da Jeweler. It is also for this reason that he maintains a fondness for innovation to ensure that they enjoy the best luxury experience. Now that the ways of doing business are changing fast due to the current world crisis, Tim was able to easily translate the success of his virtual shop to a physical store that his loyal patrons and new clients are loving. His physical store is his way of improving the delivery of his services and the way he connects with clients. Tim believes in the value of a personal encounter, and he never passes up an opportunity to connect with them face-to-face.

I think it’s really important for people to be able to put a face to the brand. The trust that we form by doing business in person is crucial to building that bond and trust between my clients and me,Tim Da Jeweler explains.

Tim Da Jeweler has a long way to go in terms of growing his brand to become a global business. The gifted designer and jewelry maker, however, is not deterred by challenges and aims to become one of the worlds best custom luxury jewelers to come out of the Bay Area in the years to come. Tim also aims to remain authentic to a long-time practice unique to his brand, that is, for his loyal customers to enjoy by-appointment-only visits to his showroom. Doing this allows him to focus intently on each client’s concerns throughout the visit.

As Tim Da Jeweler continues to provide an immersive and remarkable experience for his clients, there is no doubt that he will be instrumental in adding value to the industry long-term. With excellence and trustworthiness as two of his top commitments to his clients, Tim will surely be able to grow his business by leaps and bounds.

Find out more about Tim Da Jeweler by visiting this website. Follow the company on Instagram for updates. 

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