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Two Lewis Sheds Light on His Transition From Music to Entrepreneurship

While the spotlight mainly focuses on talents, the people working behind the scenes are often the unsung heroes in the music and entertainment industries. One exemplary figure is Two Lewis, whose career has seen him thrive in music and management.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Xavier “Two” Lewis grew up in a musically-gifted family of hard workers, exposing him to the music industry at an early age. Throughout his childhood, Lewis watched his family thrive. He shares blood ties with many figures in the industry like the legendary Titus Turner and Sean Garrett. Lewis is also cousins with other notable names like Tracy T or Tracy Richardson, Rodriguez “Dopeboy” Ra Smith, Erick Smith, Beau Billingslea, Jamal Lewis, Parlae )Maurice Gleaton), and god brothers Isreal Route and J.I.D. (Destin Route). He also grew up in the inner circle of Whitney and Bobby Brown.

Two Lewis started his career in entertainment, managing MP Clique and Young Capone, and it wouldn’t take long before he took things to the next level. In 2004, he signed Young Capone to Virgin Records and released “I’m Hot” with Daz Dillinger and Jermaine Dupri. Lewis would later continue his career at So So Def Recordings, releasing the track “What It Iz” in 2006, climbing to the 68th spot of the Billboard Charts that year. 

He would later take a hiatus from entertainment to coach in high school. During that time, He moved to Korea, he became a certified plumber to help his dad’s remodeling business, a licensed bartender, a chef, a certified USATF official, and a level 3 USATF coach. He would also play semi-pro football and run marketing for the Atlanta Falcons

Lewis later moved to the Big Apple, becoming the COO at The Vinyl Crown Collective. There he ran a premier studio and office space in midtown Manhattan, working with artists like Christian Combs, Waka Flaka, Dave East, Rich the Kid, Smoke Purpp, and H.E.R., whose album scored Two Grammy Awards. Eventually, Lewis would begin an entrepreneurial career, starting a management company called Owner’s District, becoming partners in a long-standing magazine entity, Grungecake. He has also helped put on a variety of monthly events, drawing in some of the most influential figures of New York. Lewis has also contributed to the fashion industry, designing merch lines for different brands and artists like J.I.D. Lewis has built a million dollars net worth by having a million-dollar network. 

Despite the success that he generated, the road wasn’t always smooth for Two Lewis. “Some of the biggest challenges I’ve had to get through was learning that all friends aren’t good for business. Learning how to separate the two is key,” he explained, “Also, learning how to place value in myself and services because if I could, I would help the world for free. I had to make logical decisions to make sure I have enough to run the business and make sure my employees are taken care of while also making sure I grow enough to be financially stable so I can eventually reach my main goal of becoming the best husband and father this world has seen.”

Learn more about Two Lewis by visiting his official website.

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