Full name: Sean K. DeMarco

Birthday: 3/17/1994

Nationality: American

Hometown: Santa Barbara,CA

Height: 6’0

Citizenship: American

Occupation: CEO of DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc.

Country of citizenship: United States of America

Place of birth: Santa Barbara, CA

Languages spoken: English

Religion: Christian

Education: Los Angeles/Long Beach/Yale

Organization: DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc.

Personal website / company website: demarcoenterprisesinc.com demarcorealestatesocal.com


Optimistic visionary, Sean DeMarco, the owner and Chief Executive officer of DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. and DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC., valued to be over 7 figures, making DeMarco a self-made millionaire before age 30. DeMarco serves as an entrepreneur, a natural born leader, mentor, investor, author, philanthropist, and socialite. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, in a family of hard-working and determined business owners, Sean came to know California like the back of his hand as he also developed his entrepreneurial spirit. A former model for famous brands and the author of Finding Me: 250 Pounds Later, Sean studied real estate, investing, and business before starting his first real estate company at twenty-five years old. Since then, and mentored by Grant Cardone, he has developed expertise in residential, commercial, property flips, restorations, wholesales, luxury real estate, and investment portfolio building. Committed to continually increasing his skills, and working alongside qualified agents and appraisers, Sean focuses on his mission to help his clients, throughout California, gain valuable assistance when investing, buying or selling properties, be it single or multi units. Dedicated to this and his vision of helping others build residual income, Sean, serving as a Property Investor, Developer and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, utilizes first hand knowledge in guiding his clients in selecting the best properties to invest in and which to avoid, allowing them the freedom to choose new age methods of digital payments when they find the property of their dreams. Outside of his career, Sean enjoys traveling and volunteering. Most importantly, he is especially passionate about experiencing and developing greater depths of understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures.

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