Celebrate Love and Diversity: ZupaNova’s ‘ZupaLove’ Sparks Remix Contest

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ZupaNova, the renowned music duo consisting of Rawcel Cooks and Davy Brown, has just released their latest hit single titled “ZupaLove.” The song carries a powerful message of love triumphing over hate and aims to celebrate unity, kindness, diversity, authenticity, and positive impact on a global scale. 

Cooks, the songwriter for The Black Eyed Peas, shared the inspiration behind “ZupaLove,” stating, “We wrote this song as a reminder that each of us has the ability to make a positive impact on others’ lives. Our hope is that it inspires people to be kind, make the world a better place, and spread love wherever they go.” 

This release marks another milestone for ZupaNova, a multi-genre music group that has achieved international success in recent years. Their previous tracks, “Pop Pop” and “ZupaHot,” both reached the Top 40 Charts on the iHeartRadio Media base in the US. Additionally, their collaboration with International Billboard artist IAKOPO on the single “Don’t Think” achieved remarkable success as one of the most streamed and downloaded songs on North American College Radio. ZupaNova has also performed alongside renowned artists like Fall Out Boy and BTS at the “We Global New Year’s Eve” celebration on FilAm TV. 

Most recently, ZupaNova performed “ZupaLove” at the highly anticipated Mayfest 2023 in Southern California, where they delighted fans with special performances featuring Billboard artist Iakopo and Arii Brazil. The duo performed a medley of their top hits, including “Pop Pop,” “Don’t Think,” “Celebrate,” and their latest single, “ZupaLove.” 

To further engage musicians and fans in their movement of love, kindness, unity, diversity, authenticity, and generosity, ZupaNova has announced an exciting REMIX CONTEST for “ZupaLove.” Musicians from all genres are invited to participate and have the chance to win major awards. The first-place winner will receive $1500, a publishing split, and an official release from ZupaNova, while the second-place winner will receive $500, a publishing split, and an official release from the duo. Interested participants can download the acapella from the ZupaLove DJ pack, submit their final remix on SoundCloud with the hashtag #ZupaLoveRemix, and send a copy of their remix to ZupaNova. The submission deadline is July 1, 2023, and the winners will be announced by ZupaNova on July 5, 2023.


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Beyond their musical endeavors, ZupaNova actively contributes to society through various charitable initiatives. Their official music video for “ZupaLove” highlights the ZupaStarz, a group that plays an integral role in helping communities in need. The video captures their involvement in feeding the homeless in Los Angeles’ skid row district, highlighting their commitment to celebrating humanity, kindness, togetherness, giving back, and positivity. 

ZupaNova has also partnered with Nancy Gale, the Founder of AMBITION, to create a profound impact worldwide. As long-standing ambassadors of AMBITION.org, a nonprofit entrepreneurial program for disadvantaged youth, ZupaNova aims to inspire innovation, solution-driven thinking, confidence, and a positive work ethic through business, music, fashion, and special guest collaborations. The duo co-hosted and performed in a virtual benefit concert, raising awareness and funds for disadvantaged youth. Their efforts garnered attention from celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Tom & Lisa Bilye, who joined in supporting the program through social media promotions. 

Notably, ZupaNova is part of a distinguished group of mentors for the AMBITION Foundation, which includes influential figures like Richard Branson, Paris Hilton & Carter Reum, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Tom & Lisa Bilyeu, the daytime talk show “The Real,” and Lou Williams of the LA Clippers. The duo has even created the AMBITION theme song, with songs like “Every day is a Holiday” and the new track “You Don’t Know About Me” as part of “THE DIALOGUE” movement, engaging in conversations with youth about race and racism. 


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ZupaNova’s impact extends to the fashion industry as well, as they graced the catwalk during the “Fashion 4 A Cause” runway fashion show in Los Angeles, California. This event brings together charities, fundraising efforts, and nonprofit organizations through the medium of fashion, further highlighting the duo’s commitment to making a positive difference in the world. 

ZupaNova’s relentless ambition and dedication to promoting love, kindness, and positivity make them powerful advocates for change. Through their music, collaborations, and philanthropic endeavors, they continue to inspire and unite people from all walks of life in a celebration of humanity and a shared vision of a better world. 

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