CEO of Kent Global L.L.C. Thomas J. Kent Jr. Provides Financial Consultancy Service for Business Growth

Complacency is the enemy of progress, and for many individuals and organizations, it is vital to evolve and grow to stay relevant in the highly competitive business world. However, even the best ideas need implementation and adequate funds and marketing strategy to see it to success. To help these businesses take a step in the right direction through funding and marketing is Kent Global L.L.C., a New-York investment company led by Thomas J. Kent Jr.

Kent Global L.L.C. is a New York-based investment company dominating the investment for over 25 years with clients worldwide from startups to government institutions. With its professionals, Kent Global provides expert consultancy services such as giving clients the right marketing push to get their projects on the right track. Some of the company’s services include M&A Mergers and Acquisitions, L.B.O. Leveraged Buyout, Pipe Financing, Venture Funding, Film Financing, Asset Based Lending, SBLC & B.G. Financing, Invoice Financing, Factoring Financing, Startup Funding for New Businesses, New Construction Loans, Commercial Real Estate Investing, Infrastructure Financing, Energy Financing, Joint Ventures, Debt Financing, Mining Financing, and much more.

With Kent Global L.L.C., clients can be assured of an unforgettable experience with sound finances that makes all business dreams a reality. “Kent Global L.L.C. has over 25 years of business investment and consultancy experience by upholding the highest standard of business ethic. We pride ourselves in helping our clients reach their goals growing their enterprise to levels they wish to grow them to,” the company shared in a statement. 

Thomas J. Kent Jr., an investment banker hailing from Georgia and Ohio, is at the company’s helm. He has a degree from Wilberforce University, University of Leicester. He has garnered over 25 years of experience in the business world, and his ethical and result-driven approach to business consultancy is focused on helping clients reach their corporate goals. Thomas has helped companies raise over 1 billion USD through his company while fostering strategic relationships with some of the world’s biggest money managers and angel investors. Additionally, Thomas J. Kent Jr. also belongs to several boards of private companies and NGOs, is a contributing editor for Brainz magazine, is the founder of Thomas J. Kent Jr foundation, and is an avid globetrotter.

In the past months, the investment company has formulated joint venture partnerships with real estate developers worldwide. Its extensive network embraces the universe of private equity, family offices and angel investors capable of building equal partnerships for virtually any type of real estate project globally. CEO Thomas J. Kent Jr. shared that his firm serves private clients with projects in South America, North America, and Europe to unite the finance with qualified, experienced developers and create exceptional projects.

Thomas J. Kent Jr. shared that his company plans to expand its global footprint to Europe and establish a satellite office in London, England, to ensure a strong European presence and attract larger developers and projects from Berlin, Paris, and Rome. 

To learn more about Kent Global L.L.C. and Thomas J. Kent Jr., visit the company’s website. 

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