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Donald Sylvester Lea Jr. Giving People New Life and Purpose through DLea Ministries

Life is a lot easier when one discovers one’s purpose and works toward that purpose assiduously. It is one of the most powerful ways to achieve success, and Donald Sylvester Lea Jr. of DLea Ministries understands this, so he actively helps people work towards recognizing their purposes in life.

DLea Ministries operates as a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was established in 2011. Its core mission is to spread hope and empowerment to a world filled with people who need uplifting. The organization was established by Donald Lea, a devoted Christian entrepreneur, husband and father who believes in the power of Jesus Christ and how without him, nothing is possible. Using hope, power and truth, Donald Lea empowers as many people as possible and nudges them towards leading a more purposeful life.

At its core, DLea Ministries works to uplift and give hope to people who have lost it. The organization’s vision is to serve the needs of people in various capacities and offer them grace and restoration through the word of God. The nonprofit also provides resources to help these individuals attain better positions in life and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.

DLea Ministries thrives on its founder’s vision, foresight and growth. As a member of the John Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, Donald has created different initiatives and empowerment programs from which many organizations and individuals have benefited. DLea Ministries offer empowerment sessions for ministries and organizations, one-on-one group coaching, keynote speeches, training, and sessions. Donald is also a member of the board of directors at a local men’s shelter, which caters to the needs of 40 to 60 men nightly.

Donald Lea has proven his capacity for leadership and has earned the trust of many individuals who need uplifting and are willing to take responsibility for their past mistakes so they can move from victim to victor. He offers real-life solutions and gives practical insights on how a person can grow and become better. Describing his motivation for starting DLea Ministries, he said: “I was tired of seeing people continually going through life making excuses and not fulfilling their purpose on earth, and I wanted to be a person of action to motivate people that anything is possible if you only believe and operate in faith.”

With DLea Ministries doing its work of uplifting people from victim to victor, Donald has his sights set on doing bigger things for the future. His goal is to see the ministry operating on a global platform instilling the principles of faith, teaching the Bible, hosting conferences and workshops and igniting change in the hearts of people, showing them that they can accomplish all things. In addition, he hopes to share his story with millions of people and be the shining light they need to see to become the best versions of themselves. “God took me a person with no background in ministry and business and entrusted me with the opportunity to be a blessing to the world with hope, power and truth,” he said.

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