Evan Pietrzak


Birthday: August 19, 2000

Nationality: American, Italian, Polish, German

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Height: 6’3″

Citizenship: American

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter, Actor

Place of birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Languages spoken: English

Religion: Catholic


Point Park University

Best known for

Lead singer/songwriter for pop duo band “Nigel & Evan”


Evan Pietrzak is the lead singer and songwriter for the Pittsburgh-based pop duo group “Nigel & Evan.” The band made their debut performance in October of 2020 at Radioactive Events Center and continued to play private performances within the tristate area. In the months to follow, the duo have been performing livestream concerts every weekend to keep the entertainment scene going because as Pietrzak states, “Nothing can stop creativity and entertainment,” and thus that is the motto the young artist lives by.

Personal life

Pietrzak is listening to music to gain inspiration for his songwriting and is in the recording studio singing and writing songs.

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