How HBi Auto is Changing People’s Experience with Buying Exotic Cars

Owning exotic cars will never go out of fashion primarily because of the aesthetic value they give their owners. Unfortunately, however, many people know nothing about these cars and are often not experienced enough to know the condition of the vehicle they are about to purchase. HBi Auto, founded by Billy Wenk and Evan Wiles, is solving that problem and delivering exotic cars with a guarantee and promise of quality.

Since 2018, HBi Auto has been on a mission to redefine people’s experiences with buying exotic cars. Located in Mocksville, NC, the company’s comprehensive offer has been the major factor in its growth. In 2022, it’s well on its way to making $40 million in revenue, and with its business model, there is more than enough room for growth.

At its core, HBi Auto specializes in car brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Porsche. Its services include pre-owned vehicle sales, maintenance, repair, performance, detailing, paint protection film, and transportation and concierge services. HBi Auto’s operation is geared toward fixing a problem and a gap in the car buying experience for buyers. Its operational philosophy is to ensure buyers are not left in the dark about the condition of any vehicle they want. In the words of CEO Billy Wenk, “With a majority of vehicle purchases happening online, we recognized that there needed to be an improved buying experience that instills confidence not just for first-time buyers but also repeat buyers. Thus, we have developed a system that allows our experts to provide transparency and build confidence in this buying process.”

HBi Auto has an elaborate process that begins with inspection and goes all the way through other steps like reconditioning, quality check, servicing, multi-point inspection, documentation of current or foreseeable issues, repairs and another round of quality checks before the car is placed on display for sale. It is a long, arduous process, but one that HBi Auto has made as part of its core services to ensure buyers acquire cars they can be confident in owning.

With everything mostly online these days, HBi Auto has a virtual tour system in place to enable buyers to see all the details of the vehicle they want clearly without leaving their homes. The company has also started creating buyer guide videos for clients and posting them on YouTube to educate prospective buyers on maintenance, common problems, and other unique information peculiar to each car brand. “We believe buyers should be prepared for the ownership experience of an exotic car, which is why make all these resources available,” COO Evan Wiles said.

Beyond offering services that come with quality guarantees, HBi Auto has implemented an in-house indirect financing initiative with multiple lenders to enable buyers to purchase cars of their choice without stress. These financing options come with vehicle service contracts, guaranteed asset protection insurance, wheel and tire protection packages, ceramic coatings, paint protection film and nationwide transport to deliver the car to the buyer’s door.

HBi Auto operates as more than just a car sales company with its long-term goals of changing how people buy cars and ensuring buyers know what they want and what to look out for before visiting the showroom.

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