How These Three Companies Built by Kimberly Cloud are Empowering Women and Changing Lives

Entrepreneurs not only provide innovative products and services but also provide opportunities for the workforce. Throughout her career, serial entrepreneur Kimberly Michelle Cloud has dedicated her businesses to uplifting women by providing them with avenues for growth. Her companies, Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC, Wigs For Success LLC, and Blue Cloud Cleaning Co LLC, have significantly contributed to their communities. 

Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC aims to uplift individuals through high-quality hair wigs, made for everyone from all walks of life and ages. The company believes that while wigs beautify someone, they should bring more–confidence. Hair is anyone’s crowning glory, and Kimberly Michell Cloud knows how important it is for anyone to have self-esteem. What started as a passion project, as the CEO has always been passionate about hairstyling and wig-making, eventually became a nationwide success.

Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC rose to the top because it amplified that wigs are more than just fashion statements. They are capable of giving someone a fresh start, like Cloud’s clients who have suffered hair loss due to cancer. Wigs are also made for self-expression, and people have been relying on Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC to accompany their journey towards self-growth.

On the other hand, Wigs For Success LLC is a game-changer in the hair industry as it empowers customers with unique and fashion-forward styles. The company boasts a collection of must-have pieces made for modern and eclectic individuals who are not afraid to stand out. Wigs For Success LLC offers affordable choices, numerous wig styles, and hair care and styling products. 

“I set the standards high, and I make sure that despite everything going on, my wigs are always inspected properly,” shared the founder and CEO.

Finally, Blue Cloud Cleaning Co LLC is a professional commercial cleaning business. The company serves clients with unparalleled professionalism in Mountain Top, PA and its surrounding areas. Blue Cloud Cleaning Co LLC offers thorough office cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, spot cleaning, dusting, trash removal, and disinfecting for bacteria and viruses, which is especially crucial because of the pandemic.

Kimberly Michelle Cloud and her team pride themselves on their attention to detail, professionalism, and timeliness. Blue Cloud Cleaning Co LLC does more than just making commercial spaces sparkly clean. The company understands how vital its services are to create a healthier and more productive workspace. Blue Cloud has been featured across multiple platforms, including Yahoo!, Business Insider, CEO Weekly, Fortune Magazine, Thrive Global, and the US News.

Becoming an entrepreneur came like an answered prayer for Kimberly Michelle Cloud, who, at 14, suffered the loss of her mother and went into a downward spiral because of her mental health. The poverty, substance abuse, and mental illnesses took a toll on Cloud until she was able to reclaim control over her life while attending college. Although she did not know what particular business it is she wants to pursue, Cloud knew that entrepreneurship was the right path for her. She ventured into building 

On top of her already impressive business portfolio, Kimberly Michelle Cloud aims to push herself further. She wants to expand her companies to provide more women with opportunities and empower them every step of the way. The CEO is also keen on mentoring the LGBTQ community and the youth on mental health. To top it all off, the serial entrepreneur wrote her biography called Life of a Cloud: A Short Story by Kimberly Cloud, where she shared her journey as an entrepreneur, an Army veteran, and a mother of three. 

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