How Young Influencer Eclipse Has Risen From Rags to Riches

Many people believe that to become an influencer, you have to be innately talented. But at times, this is not the case. Some people have had to perfect their marketing skills through hard work and determination to rise to the top tier of society. Eclipse, the successful dancer and entrepreneur, had to do this through talent marketing. Now, he seeks to help struggling artists rise to success through marketing.

Eclipse, formally known as Jaylen Lundy, is a rising influencer who was born in Oakland, CA. He hails from humble beginnings that didn’t offer him the foundations to become a famous person one day. He lived with his mom and grandmother in Hayward, a city known for its drug addicts, the homeless, and gangsters roaming the streets. It is common for people from low-income families not to believe in their dreams of becoming rich and famous because of their background, limitations, and surroundings. This was the case for Eclipse—no one believed in him when he said he would become a famous dancer and millionaire one day.

Society has shaped us to believe that to make it in life, you must get a good education. However, not everyone is gifted when it comes to their studies. Growing up, Ellipse had to struggle his way through school. He wasn’t academically gifted and skipped half of his elementary grade school years and sparingly passed. He also cheated on tests throughout middle school and got average grades throughout high school.

Eclipse started dancing in middle school, and his fellow students laughed and made fun of him. He was nicknamed “seizure” as it looked like he was having one when he danced, which he also confirmed was true. When he got up to do the school talent show, he was rejected entirely, and what made it even worse was that the girl Eclipse thought was cute, judged and laughed at him as he performed. A year later, he was again accepted into the talent show, and this time he smashed it.

Eclipse has documented his life so others can know that they can achieve anything they can dream of. Currently, his story has changed from being rejected and laughed at to him now gaining tons of attention. He is rapidly growing as a dancer and has garnered 51K followers on Instagram. Eclipse is also the author of a few e-books, including Re-invent Yourself.

Eclipse does not believe in talent; in fact, he feels insulted if someone calls him talented. He believes in hard work and making a concerted effort. His journey as a rising dancer and influencer has been filled with many trial-and-error moments. First, dancing in public is very scary in itself, and when perfecting doing a backflip mid-performance, he failed so many times and landed on his finger and head. However, with continuous practice, he has perfected this skill, and his backflip journey is now his most viral video on his page.

Today, Eclipse wants people to know they can fail and that it is okay, but what’s most important is that they have attempted it. He firmly believes that opportunities are presented to everyone, and only the most courageous get to explore them. He says opportunities are not given; they are grabbed, and you have to risk losing if you want to gain it all. Additionally, he encourages people to be hopeful, as anyone who wants to achieve success has to be.

Eclipse’s journey has just begun, and he is bound to continue thriving in his dance career. He aspires to build Eclipse dance studios and create a community full of hopeful and aspirational dancers. Over the last few months, Eclipse and his team have worked hard to launch his self-improvement app. Furthermore, he will also be launching an Eclipse fashion brand that reflects his unique style soon. Eclipse sympathizes with aspiring influencers of today and is calling all starving content creators to reach out to him.

Eclipse’s rise to success is an inspiration to others who may be struggling to achieve their goals. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, he has persevered and worked hard to become a successful dancer and influencer. Eclipse believes that talent is not the key to success, but rather hard work and a concerted effort. He has proven this through his own journey, which has included practicing and perfecting his dance moves, writing e-books, and launching his own self-improvement app. Eclipse is also working on building dance studios and launching a fashion brand to showcase his unique style. Through his journey, Eclipse has become a role model for others, encouraging them to never give up on their dreams and to seize opportunities when they arise.

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