Ida Gasparova Combines Her Entrepreneurial Skills and Fashion Taste to Create Own Clothing Line

A lot of young women set out into the world to pursue their dream of being a model, but not everyone is given the opportunity to really stand out. Many who dreamed of becoming models someday encountered a lot of disappointments and setbacks, prompting them to abandon their greatest desire in life. A handful, however, makes it by sheer grit and determination, such as Ida Gasparova, a model turned entrepreneur. 

The native of Slovakia is now the proud owner of her own clothing line known as Incantevole Milano, home to Ida’s distinct and highly desirable silk designs that highlights a woman’s feminine side. She established her venture in 2021 after spending years of her career in modeling. As can be expected, Incantevole Milano became a massive hit on the European fashion stage, and consumers could not get enough of Ida’s dreamy creations. Ida is a very hands-on business owner, doing everything from designing to producing, marketing, and selling her rising brand. 

Her clients consider her designs truly extraordinary and irresistible. Indeed, Ida has successfully combined her knack for entrepreneurship and impeccable fashion taste. For the most part, her designs reflect her personal fashion preference – simple, elegant, and unforgettable. To achieve the kind of designs she envisioned, Ida searched for the best of the best tailors in Italy to help her bring them to life. The results are simply breathtaking. 

“In the beginning, there were many challenges that I faced but eventually I overcame all the odds and was able to develop a fierce and positive attitude that I cherish every day,” Ida shared in a recent interview. “I have personally designed the pieces of my fashion line to leave enough to the imagination yet add a sultry touch to the woman wearing them.”

Ida’s ultimate vision for Incantevole Milano is to be able to offer an exclusive range of ready-to-wear dresses for bold and beautiful women. She believes a woman should be able to enjoy what she wears and be classy and elegant. For the rising businesswoman, women’s fashion should be trendy and forward-thinking – the very attributes that Incantevole Milano represents. The Capsule Collection features the silk wrap skirt in white, silk short dress in white and silk long dress in white. The Incantevole Milano website also showcases trousers and blouses that can give any woman’s wardrobe a significant boost of sexiness. 

Living out her life on her own terms has been quite liberating for Ida, who once left Slovakia with a single suitcase, armed only with her dream to make it on the runway. Her story of success is one worth retelling to inspire more young women to never give up easily on their dreams despite the odds. Incantevole Milano will not be Ida’s last stop. In the long run, she also aspires to establish a charitable organization to protect animal rights. Next to fashion, animals are also one of her passions. 

With her goals clearly laid out in her mind, Ida Gasparova is on her way to leaving her mark in the fashion world. Her story will continue to be a testament to the ultimate reward of grit and determination. 

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